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The meaning of a forehead kiss

Sexy xXx Base pix The meaning of a forehead kiss.

It gives us a feeling of love, comfort, and feeling as though we are the most special person in the world. But what exactly does it mean when a GUY kisses your forehead? He will probably do it often, and when the two of you are in a rush. He will certainly do this type of kiss when the two of you are standing.

So, consider the guy you are dating: Perhaps this guy just really likes your forehead? Maybe he just likes this type of kiss? As with everything else in life, men have a preference on kisses too. Some guys may be more into making out or kissing on the cheek, but his favorite could definitely be on the forehead. If he kisses you there often, it could be a sign that he just loves to kiss his ladies forehead- nothing wrong with that, right?

Did you know that a forehead kiss can actually be a The meaning of a forehead kiss of respect? The forehead kiss is just simply one of the sweetest kisses out there. So, that being The meaning of a forehead kiss, if a guy is kissing you on the forehead, he truly cares about you and wants you to know the depth of his caring.

A forehead kiss can certainly mean a lot of different things, but one of the biggest signals a forehead kiss shows is that he is protective of you. He holds you tight and kisses you on the forehead: In this The meaning of a forehead kiss, it is actually a kiss that holds a lot of meaning and is actually very powerful. The mood will be calm, he will have his arms wrapped around you, and he will kiss you gently on the lips while holding you tight.

You, of course, will feel secure, and the forehead kiss will seal the deal on security and feeling of being protected by your man. A lot of kisses can mean that he loves you, but there is just something so sensual about a forehead kiss. Yes, it means he cares and respects you, but it also means that he loves you.

We all love forehead kisses, especially when it comes from our boyfriend, fiance, or husband. These kisses can mean a lot of different things, but for the most part it is a symbol of affection and love. It shows that he respects you to the fullest and cares for you deeply. It is a sign that he wants to guard you and protect you.

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Do you love getting forehead kisses? How do you feel when you recieve one of these lovely kisses? Share with us your thoughts below! A kiss on forehead truly makes me feel loved. Even we re not together anymore… and. Your thoughts and feelings are reflections of your previous emotional connection with your ex. The two of you are no longer in a relationship, and he is maintaining a relationship with someone else at this time. You will find benefit in allowing thoughts of him to fade.

Ensure that you do not attempt to harm his relationship, as this will only cause suffering.


Have a great day, Dy! I have a friendyes a friend but everyday after the day would end as we go home he always hugged me tight then afterwards he kiss me in my forehead. The two of you share a strong emotional and social relationship. Life long relationships are often formed from strong friendships. He likely is interested in nourishing a romantic relationship with you. Determine what you want for the future of this relationship.

Strengthen your relationship by spending additional time with him in person. Have a great day, Jissa! Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. It is certain that his kiss to your forehead was a reflection of his feelings toward you.