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Widex hearing aid reviews

xXx Videos Widex hearing aid reviews.

Founded in in Denmark, Widex has become one of the world's largest hearing aid manufacturers.

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Customer service and superior products are the top priorities for the company as a whole and the more than 4, employees worldwide. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may Widex hearing aid reviews next time you visit. My audiologist had always sold me another high end brand, and this time around suggested Widex Evoke. I am absolutely ecstatic with my new devices. The music is crystal clear and realistic, and a phone app with built in equalizer is really amazing.

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I can discriminate words very, very clearly, and my devices learn my environment if I change the volume in the same place 3 times. Way better than the top of the line ones I just got out of. To those people who gave poor reviews: My audiologist had questions while I was being fitted, dialed Widex technicians who answered immediately, and in no time, answered the question and resolved the issue.

Once Widex hearing aid reviews properly, I highly recommend these devices. I have been using another high end brand for over 15 years and change every 3 years to keep up with new technology. I have spent 10 hrs of drive time and have only been able to use my partially operational devices 8 of the 18 days I have had them because three devices Widex hearing aid reviews been sent in as defective.

Before you make broad claims on changing the industry deliver technology that works as promised. Then compensate us for time and travel time lost.

The aids pick up degrees The special programs the user can make are limited. The service is terrible if you leave the area from where you purchased. The MFG should be the one to then step in and help. When I first started wearing my rechargeable Widex hearing aids, the supplied gold batteries did not last an entire day after being charged overnight.

I started using a few of the store bought batteries which seemed to last almost 3 days. I am trying to figure out the problem - is it batteries or hearing aids. Also when speaking on the iPhone using Bluetooth - how can I shut the Bluetooth off so another person can hear Widex hearing aid reviews conversation?

Am I missing something. When Widex hearing aid reviews purchased these hearing aids I didn't plan on these problems. I am trying to go back to my old aids in the canal.

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At least they WORK. My Widex Beyond hearing aids have greatly improved my hearing and I'm very pleased overall. I was excited to have the bluetooth connection feature to my iPhone 6 for phone calls and other streaming IOS12, app version 1.

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First there's a loud click whenever the bluetooth connection. And when a phone call streams to hearing aids -if I've turned the volume down in noisy conditions, it resets the ambient sound level of the hearing aids to "normal" volume.

Worse than that, certain phone apps seem to trigger the volume reset as well: In any case, it's sufficiently annoying that I normally keep bluetooth on my phone turned off.

Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for sharing your positive experience with your Widex hearing aids. Regarding those click noises, the cicks beeps you hear occur when the iPhone Widex hearing aid reviews a volume change request, which may occur when your start streaming or begin a phone call.

When audio begins streaming to the hearing aids, the iPhone may set the volume back to the default level, and can only be adjusted after the audio starts streaming. Please let us know if you have any other questions. There was Widex hearing aid reviews a special program called Directional Focus.

There was no manual supplied, so I just downloaded one from the Widex website.

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I was surprised to see there were many more programs, including Quiet, Comfort, Transport, Impact, and Zen. None of these were included with my new hearing aids. Are these downloadable by owners? Why were they omitted from my hearing aids? Hi Paul, thank you for reaching out and we are glad to share more information on the additional sound classes.

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So those programs must be added by the professional as part of the fitting. The aids are highly adaptive, and they have within them depending upon the device a system called sound classes that assesses and classifies the input in the environment.

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Those classifications may include some or all of the programs referenced below. There are times that a special program dedicated to one of those classes is indicated.

Hope that helps and please let us know if you have any further questions. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

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So far so good. My only complaint is that the TV streaming module is very much out of date. My 4-year old ReSound used the digital optical cable to connect to the TV. I read one complaint that it streams only to one ear.

If this is true I am returning my Widex units. I also Widex hearing aid reviews disappointed to learn I would have to wear a unit around my neck to watch TV. The ReSound unit streamed directly to my ears without having to hang something around my neck.

When will Widex get up to date with modern technology? I had a brain tumor that left me completely deaf on my right side.

Popular Widex Hearing Aid Models

I was told to try cross over hearing aids. They are suppose to transmit my right side hearing into my left ear. They worked good for a week or so.

They have been sent in 6 times. But they always fail. They last time they lasted a month. Once again they went completely dead. I am so fed up with them I did even bother to get them repaired again. My mother in law has a pair of regular hearing aids and they are rechargeable. They from day one would not hold a day's worth of charge and she has not been happy with them.

A person is charged thousands of dollars for what from my experience is nothing but junk. Hi James, thank you for sharing your experience and we are definitely here to help resolve your hearing aid issues. Can you please private message us with the serial number s for the hearing aids as to have Widex hearing aid reviews customer service team troubleshoot? I have had my hearings aids for less than 1 month. They were broken Brand new out of the box.

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