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Old man with hairy butt

Porn archive Old man with hairy butt.

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Old man with hairy butt....

So here we go, I'm a 22year old male and I have quite a hairy bum. Not so much on the actual cheeks, but within the actual crack its self.

Now my gf said its cute and it doesn't bother her so I'm fine in that department, however!

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It's seriously troublesome for me. After I take a number 2 and naturally have to wipe, sometimes i pull the hairs and it hurts damnit! So, is it normal for a guy to be rather hairy in that region? Please share your advise and comments.

All are appreciated, thank you. I think it was Adam Carolla that said wiping his butt was like "trying to clean peanut butter out of shag carpet. Its totally normal, my bf has a hairy butt and crack.

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Dude, lol all guys have yucky hairy cracks, one of the reasons being a girl rocks My butt crack is hairy She thinks its hot!! It's obviously 'normal' because it's natural and as you can see from the comments, you're by far not the only one in this state. However if you dislike it the best option I would consider if I were you would be laser hair removal.

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Shaving it could be dangerous and it will itch. Laser hair removal is a bit expensive but it's worth it as the hair doesn't come back.

Have your girlfriend shave it! It could be part of a little foreplay and she will probably like a clean pink bumhole just ad much as a hairy one. You might wanna shave your crack once in a while. Just a thought, as it might help your problem I am moderately hairy at the rear, and choose to shave my hole and surrounding area.

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I find you can never be to clean when hair is present. The only way to be sure is to wash after taking a dump.

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Because there is smell. Help us keep this site organized and clean. How are they different than the ones for babies? Could he just use baby wipes?

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Mr t will come and get you if you shave your arse. My ex had a hairy ass.

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Sorry, this is why men use more TP then girls. I have the same problem.

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Yeah, my brother occasionally complains about his hairy butt crack haha. Member Chat My Stuff. Hairy Old Man Showing His Body free.

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