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Adult swim message boards

Pron Pictures Adult swim message boards.

Welcome to the unofficial subreddit for the life-changing pseudo-network [adult swim]. It's not just television, it's a way of life.

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Don't fret, [adult swim] has a metric fuck-ton of free content and streams on adultswim. The spam filter is sensitive.

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Message the mods if your post doesn't go through after five minutes, or if AutoMod removes your post. The AS message boards used to be an awesome place.

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Too bad they screwed things up during the past year. Yeah, the boards had been in decline for a while, but that site design change and deleting the entire old forum killed it. So much AS history gone They kinda did signal abandonment when they removed the link to it on the top bar. My last post on the boards was bringing that up, possibly being a warning.

I think they ignored me. I was low-key hoping this sub would kinda be the new place for the message boards, would be nice if they put link to here on the as website. Here you Adult swim message boards, dude. The boards had much more life in them years ago. Then again there are plenty of different variables that come into play as well.

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I hadn't posted on ASMB for years, but I was just thinking about it today and popped over to see how it was doing. I'm very sad to see that it has gone, there were a lot of fond memories of late night chats with other users in Babbling on that board.

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It hadn't been the same for awhile now, after the biggest format change it was better off just dying. While Lithium was a pile of hot garbage, the newer look was worse. I think what it was was the deal with Lithium was up and they wanted to change things.

It ended up for the worse, and a lot of the admins either chose to Adult swim message boards were told to abandon it. Been there since the beginning 03 resided in IB back when rping was life.

Important announcement! I've just deleted...

I'm thinking of writing a letter of fond memories to Lazzo. I wonder if he has good memories of the boards. That'd be pretty neat.

The AS message boards used...

Honestly though, the dude might have been too busy to give enough of a shit. I sent it to Majikthise right away, you know how big a fan he is.

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Anyway, Majik sent him a review of the dvd and asked him to release the dvd for some reason, [as] wasn't releasing it, though they had it available for awhile.

Anyway, after the letter The dvd was released. I think Lazzo has a soft spot for us.

I really want to hope it. And I'm so glad they did release it. I just wish the shop hadn't been closed down.

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