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The film premiered at the Telluride Film Festival on August 29,and was released theatrically on December 3,in North America. Wild opened to positive critical reviews, with much praise going toward the performances of Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. During the hike, Strayed reflects in flashbacks on her childhood in Minnesota and memories of her mother, Bobbi Grey Laura Dern.

Bobbi's death from Wild reese witherspoon nude sent Cheryl into a deep depression that she tried to numb with heroin and anonymous sexwhich eventually destroyed her marriage to her husband Paul Thomas Sadoski.

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After finding out she was pregnant, Strayed got an abortion and resolved to hike the trail to redeem herself. Strayed begins her trek in the Mojave Desert in Southern California with her backpack. On the first night, she discovers she has brought the wrong type of gas for her stove and is therefore unable to cook food.

After a few more days, Strayed meets Frank W.

Earl Browna farmer and construction worker who takes her in for the night and with his wife offers her a home-cooked meal and a warm shower. Upon arrival, she meets a camper named Ed Cliff DeYoung who helps Strayed strategically lighten her overweight backpack and convinces her to replace her undersized hiking boots with a new pair, to be delivered to a future stop on the trail.

Strayed continues her hike into Northern California despite Greg's warnings of deep snowfall. After removing a boot to remove a loose toenail, the boot accidentally falls down an inaccessibly deep slope, forcing her to continue the journey wearing sandals Wild reese witherspoon nude with duct tape.

Strayed's best friend Aimee sends her provisions to stops along the trail, including letters that congratulate her on her progress. Strayed also receives letters from her ex-husband Paul along the way. On the morning of Day 58, Strayed is out of water and desperately licks the dew off her tent.

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Dehydrated and near exhaustion, she siphons water from a muddy puddle. While she waits for her water to disinfect, two hunters approach, one making suggestive remarks that leave Strayed feeling threatened and vulnerable.

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This causes her to quickly leave and run away. Strayed makes her way out of California and arrives in Ashland, Oregonwhere she meets a man named Jonathan Michiel Huismanwith whom she attends a tribute concert to Jerry Garcia and later spends the night.

Days later, Strayed arrives at Mount Hood National Forest and encounters a friendly group of Wild reese witherspoon nude hikers who share their experiences.

The hikers recognize her from the signatures she's been leaving in the hiker's record books along the PCT. Strayed frequently leaves quotes or poems that are meaningful to her along her journey. One rainy day, Strayed finds a llama that escaped from a young boy hiking with his grandmother. Strayed chats with the boy, who asks her about her parents. After she mentions her mother's death, the boy sings " Red River Valley " to Strayed, saying it is a song his mother used to sing to him.

After the boy and his grandmother carry on down the trail, Strayed breaks down and cries. On September 15, after hiking for 94 days, Strayed reaches the Bridge of the Gods on the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington, ending her journey. At various points along the trail, including at the end of the bridge, Strayed encounters a red fox, which she interprets as carrying the spirit of her mother watching over her. She reflects that, Wild reese witherspoon nude years in the future, she will remarry at a spot in view of the bridge, five years after that have a son and one year after that have a daughter named Bobbi, Wild reese witherspoon nude Strayed's mother.

Principal photography began on October 11,with shooting occurring on location in Oregon and California. By far, this is the hardest movie I've ever made in my life. I didn't hike a thousand miles, of course, but it was a different kind of physical rigor. I'd run up a hill with a pound backpack on, and they'd say, 'Wait, that backpack doesn't look heavy enough. Put this pound backpack on and run up the hill nine or ten times.

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It was crazy, but it was so wonderful. It was complete immersion, and I've never felt closer to a crew.

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We literally pulled each other up the mountains and carried each others' equipment. The film's soundtrack, supervised by Susan Jacobs, [15] was released by Sony 's Legacy Recordings on November 10, Jacobs explained, "This isn't about reality.

This is about keeping the essence of the mother there.

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The Bridge of the Gods, where Strayed's journey ends, enjoyed increased popularity and traffic that led to an increase in its toll. Scott of The New York Times wrote that Witherspoon, who appears in nearly every frame of the film, portrayed Strayed "with grit, wit and unblinking honesty.

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Strayed, the author of the novel, stated that the film was snubbed from the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards due to " Hollywood sexism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Not to be confused with the film Into the Wild. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. Reese Witherspoon Laura Dern.

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