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The women on stage could stop traffic.

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Not just with their beauty, which is plentiful, nor their smiles, which are dazzling. These girls could stop traffic with their bare hands.

Many top 6 feet. Some must weigh nearly pounds. I do not want to get this decision wrong.

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I came to Tonga to write a story about the sunrise. While I walked along the beach, a large man from the Tonga Visitors Bureau caught up to me.

The 14 contestants on stage have come from various spots in Sexy tongan island country that stretches across miles of the South Pacific. The smooth-skinned ladies are accompanied by men in grass skirts who sing and play guitars. Before they even start dancing, my shirt is sticking to me, heavy with perspiration.

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The women dance, knees locked together, crouching and rising, arms gyrating in poetic patterns. One by one they walk past me, fingertips outstretched in invitation.

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Everything inside the venue shines. The ladies are covered in coconut oil, making them gleam like basted poultry.

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The foreheads of Tongan male dignitaries are moist because the men are enraptured with such quantities of female flesh. Maybe my sweaty underarms will be mistaken for excitement.

By contestant four, the dance stage is drenched in oil. She moves deliberately across the floor, so I give her a few bonus Sexy tongan for being thoughtful. My favorite is Miss Made-on-Earth Leather Gear tender smile, graceful clapperbut the other judges have her near the bottom of their lists.

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I try to change my perspective when the ladies appear for the height of the competition. They are before me in ball gowns, grasping much smaller men for their final dances.

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My chair shakes a bit as the beauties prance and twirl in unison. After a few minutes they walk off the stage and wait for the scores to be calculated. I turn in my results as inconspicuously as possible.

As I wait to shake her hand, I notice that her feet are bigger Sexy tongan mine.

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By two shoe Sexy tongan. But when the young woman moves closer, I also see that she possesses the eyes and grace of a runway model. The world needs places where coconut oil is sexy and where award-winning beauty comes in all sizes.

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