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Business casual guide

Good Video 18+ Business casual guide.

But I understand the confusion. You can be the judge if I succeed. What is the proper implementation of the dress code? Business casual is dressing down from a suit. Business casual is not meant to be a casual look. You must appear neat and groomed, and yet, relaxed at the same time. But never too relaxed.

So you want to dress down from a suit, but what exactly does that mean? Well, first off, your clothes should always be clean, unwrinkled and have at least some formal elements.

You should, at the very least, wear a collar. Business-casual ranges from suits without ties to wearing just shirts and pants. Dressing down further would take you too far into casual territory.

But those looks are too casual for business-casual. Some companies will allow jeans, or even T-shirts, so you might get away with it.

But ask yourself whether you want to wear clothes that you get away with or wear ones that make the most professional impression. So by now you should have a clearer Business casual guide of what business casual looks like, and you have some basic guidelines to follow.

Dress shirts are business-casual must-haves. Some offices also allow polo-shirts in summerbut only go there when the heat is otherwise unbearable and you know your office allows it. Otherwise, stick to dress shirts. Start off Business casual guide wardrobe with shirts in traditional colors like white and light blue, but also consider alternatives like light pink, mint green or lavender.

And also consider subtle patterns like gingham or pinstripes. But avoid shirts that are too Business casual guide or trendy in design.

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