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Adult self esteem

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Millicent has been teaching at the university level since Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. Login or Sign up. Paul is newly single. His eight year tumultuous relationship with his former college sweetheart has finally come to an end. At the age of 29, Paul is handsome, financially secure, and has every reason to have Adult self esteem positive outlook on the future.

Instead, Paul doubts himself constantly. He doesn't Adult self esteem he's good enough to find someone to share his life with, and he feels inferior to others at work.

Paul is very critical of himself and Adult self esteem when he makes even the smallest of mistakes. It appears that the break-up has negatively affected Paul's self-esteem. We have all heard people refer to someone's self-esteembut what exactly does self-esteem mean? Self-esteem is the assumptions we make about ourselves based on the way we see ourselves. It is our self-imageand it can be positive or negative. Someone who has a positive sense of self-esteem sees themselves in a favorable way.

They are comfortable with who Adult self esteem are, what they have achieved, and how they appear physically. This doesn't mean that they are perfect, it just means they are happy with who they are.

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In contrast, someone who has negative self-esteemsees themselves in an unfavorable way. They tend to be overly critical of their appearance, personal and professional abilities, and are generally unhappy with themselves. Paul, in our earlier example, has negative self-esteem.

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He doesn't think he's capable professionally, doubts his ability to find a successful relationship, and is overly critical of himself. It is important to note that while positive self-esteem is important, favoring one-self too much can lead to narcissistic behavior.

This type of behavior can be seen in individuals that love themselves so much that they start to believe that they are superior to everyone around them. It is Adult self esteem important to find a happy medium when it comes to self-esteem. It is difficult to outline all of the possible causes that could contribute to someone developing a lowered self-esteem. In Paul's case it seems that the contributing factor was the end of his long-term relationship. However, causes of low self-esteem can vary from person-to-person.

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Some of the things that could cause low self-esteem in adults are:. Low self-esteem can be a contributing factor to the development of depressionso it's important that people who have low self-esteem attempt to break the cycle.

There are several things adults like Adult self esteem can do to improve their self-esteem.

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Get FREE access for 5 days, just create an account. Self-esteem is the image someone has of themselves and their abilities.

Self-esteem is positive when someone views themselves favorably and negative when someone views themselves unfavorably. It is important to keep self-esteem in check as low self-esteem can lead to depression and too much self-esteem can lead to narcissistic behavior. There are numerous factors that can cause low-self esteem in adults including the way someone was raised, their knowledge and education, financial situations, and being Adult self esteem and criticized.

Some of the things that can be done to improve self-esteem in adults include becoming aware of negative thoughts and situations that Adult self esteem them, becoming optimistic and expecting success, accepting imperfections, and getting professional guidance.

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By creating an account, you agree to Study. Explore over 4, video courses. Adult self esteem a degree that fits your goals. Start Your Free Trial Today. Millicent Kelly Millicent has been teaching at the university level since Adult self esteem Add to Add to Add to. Want to watch this again later? It is not uncommon for adults to have self-esteem issues. This lesson will define self-esteem, identify possible causes of low self-esteem, and provide some suggestions on how to improve self-esteem in adults.

Paul's Break-Up Paul is newly single. What Causes Low Self-Esteem? Some of the things that could cause low self-esteem in adults are: Family upbringing- parents who constantly put their children down and tell them they are inferior, can contribute to raising adults who have Adult self esteem self-esteem. If someone is constantly being told they are worthless, they are likely to internalize these thoughts and carry them with them into adulthood.

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Personal knowledge- knowledge can come from a variety of sources including education. Someone who is not knowledgeable will have difficulty interacting with others.

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