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Gypsy wedding gown

Naked Girls 18+ Gypsy wedding gown.

I love reality TV shows. I love them all. A lot of the brides go to the same dress designer, Sondra Celli, because she's become so famous for making the most ridiculously extra Gypsy wedding gown money can buy.

Keep reading to see 15 of the most extra dresses ever to appear on the show!


A lot of dresses that the girls on the show get designed by Sondra have a certain theme. Whether it's a color, a season, or even candy.

The show revolves around young girls who are planning to get married, but sometimes they're also having another party that needs a dress fit for the occasion, too. And yes, it's all edible! Gypsy wedding gown top of the fabric that was used, Sondra decorated the dress and her headpiece with all kinds of candy. It has jelly beans, Gypsy wedding gown candy, gum balls, and more.

All in all, it weighed 63 pounds! Many brides choose to get artificial Gypsy wedding gown for their wedding in order to save on the cost. Real flowers can be expensive! Plus, they have to be really fresh or else they'll start to wilt and not look as good.

So, while many brides opt to get a dress made of fabric and artificial flowers to decorate their venue, Maquayla decided to do things a little differently. She chose to get a dress made completely out of live flowers!

Of course, the first dress didn't survive shipping and it took a lot of convincing to calm Maquayla down.

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