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It was open backed and held on with a thin satin lace, criss-crossing all the way up from my lower spine, at the front it was also cut low but under-wired, enhancing my breasts and giving me an impressive cleavage.

The dress was quite short, reaching to about mid thigh, and underneath it I wore nothing but a black suspender belt, stockings and a pretty crouch-less butterfly thong, on my feet a pair of black stiletto-heeled Erotic stories of wife swapping.

The host had invited about one hundred and fifty guests and although we did not know any of them at the time the atmosphere was lively and quite friendly so we soon got chatting with various people. At about 9pm a disco arrived and before long the lights dimmed, the disco started to pump out its music and the party began to warm up as people took to the dance floor. The drinks were flowing thick and fast and I was really enjoying myself laughing and dancing with a small circle of friends Kevin and I had made.

At about 11pm I was left alone momentarily as Debbie, one of the women I was talking with got whisked off to the dance floor. It was then that this huge guy approached me. He had a massive chest and his muscular arms looked Erotic stories of wife swapping, he had short-cropped brown hair and although he was not what you would call stunningly good-looking, he had nice eyes and a strong face with an easy-going, if slightly roguish expression. He looked me up and down slowly as he walked up to me and then cutting no ice he abruptly said.

Granted I was not looking at your face that much but I know for a fact that it was you. He had described exactly what had happened to me three weeks earlier in a fetish club I had visited with my husband and girlfriend.

My girlfriend Tracey had decided to have some fun with me, and this guy had obviously witnessed the whole thing! Kevin had seen my face as the guy was talking to me and came over to ask if I was okay.

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I told him all that the man had said and Kevin asked me what I felt about it. I answered Erotic stories of wife swapping I was caught off guard and a bit taken-aback initially, but I was not really bothered about it now that the shock had worn off.

As I said that Debbie returned and grabbed my arm and I went off to dance with the girls, putting it out of my mind. Bruce and Karen were good friends of ours and because we only lived two houses apart, we spent a lot of time with them.

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Bruce was a little shorter than me, a bit thinner, and he had a dry sense of humor. He wore his brown hair cut short in a military-style hair cut and he never needed a shave, the perfect USMC poster boy if you know what I mean.

Karen was a saucy little dark-blonde with huge knockers and she never wore a Erotic stories of wife swapping and seemed to like showing off her huge, dark nipples that always seemed to be hard. This particular Saturday afternoon, Bruce and I were working on my truck and we were just shooting the shit when somehow the subject got turned to sex, which it always did anyway sooner or later anyway.

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We are both prior service and had been in some of the same places, just at different times, so we were pretty comfortable in talking to each other.

You know as well as I do that some women will say things just to make their husbands happy, right? So we planned the entire evening while we cleaned up the garage and put everything away.

Erotic stories of wife swapping wife and I have a regular poker game with two other couples every Friday night. It had started out innocently enough, but you know what can happen when liquor is flowing and a joint gets passed around. The other couples, Jackie and Steve, Mary and John were both about the same age as Joanne and myself — Jackie has dark hair and a very hot body that she likes to show off, and Mary is petite with long blonde hair. My wife Joanne is an aerobics instructor who has well defined muscles and just about the best ass on the planet.

Her Erotic stories of wife swapping are medium sized, but all natural which is just how I like them.

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Steve is about 6 feet tall with brown hair and broad shoulders, and John stands a couple inches shorter and has been working out since high school. One night we were playing and after a few drinks and a couple hours Jackie suggested strip poker. Well, that night ended up with my Joanne stark naked and giggling, and Mary in just a thong.

I still had my pants on when Erotic stories of wife swapping party broke up, but Joanne treated me to just about the best fucking of my life when we got home.

Needless to say, strip poker became the norm and within a month we had all seen everything everybody had. Steve and John both told me about how hot their wives got after our weekly games.

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Anyway, at our last game Joanne was the big loser and had just stripped off her panties. We all looked at Jackie, who was still wearing her skirt and underwear, but was Erotic stories of wife swapping.

Mary was the winner and so far had only lost her blouse. No one had any objections, so I grabbed the cards and dealt another hand. Joanne lost again, and since I dealt that hand I got to put the question to her. I live in a rural area, where there are mountains, rivers, ranches and farms. My house is an old ranch house on 20 acres. I live alone now, but at the time of my story, I had a boyfriend who lived with me.

One day about three years ago when I was working in my garden, and Patrick my boyfriend was working on his truck, a couple came by on horseback. It is common for people to pass through on horses around here. They live on a ranch that is about 12 miles away.

She introduced herself and her husband as Linda and Chuck. They were both around 30 at that time, but looked looked much closer to my age of Chuck is tall, nice looking, and quite muscular from working on his ranch. Linda is very pretty, with long blond hair, and a very trim figure.

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They both looked very sensual, sitting astride their large, powerful horses. After talking for a couple minutes, I offered them something cool to drink. Patrick had come over from his truck and was deep in conversation with Chuck about motors, or whatever guys talk about when around their pickups.

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