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St deborah patron saint

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All Israel came to her to judge their disputes, and God prophesied to Israel through her. When Israel was threatened by Sisera and his armies, Deborah prophesied that the oppression would soon be broken.

Commemorated on December 17 Deborah...

Then Sisera himself was killed at the hands of a righteous woman named Jael. She made him feel safe, and gave him a cup of milk to drink.

After he fell asleep in her tent, she used a hammer to drive a tent peg through his head. Jerome observed that St. Deborah is a good role model for the encouragement of godly women:. But in a mystery, it is the battle of faith and the victory of the Church.

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A widow, she governs the people; a St deborah patron saint, she leads armies; a widow, she chooses generals; a widow, she determines wars and orders triumphs. So, then, it is not nature which is answerable for the fault or which is liable to weakness. It is not sex but valor which makes strong. For she Deborah showed not only that widows have no need of the help of a man, inasmuch as she, not at all restrained by the weakness of her sex, undertook to perform the duties of a man, and did even more that she had undertaken.

And so one widow both ruled many St deborah patron saint of men in peace and defended them from the enemy. And to show that the needs of the household were not dependent on the public resources but rather that public duties were guided by the discipline of home life, she Deborah brings forth from her home her son as a leader of the army, that we may acknowledge that a widow can train a warrior; whom, as a mother, she taught and, as judge, placed in command, as, being herself brave, she trained him and, as a prophetess, sent to certain victory.

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In this passage written by St. John Chrysostom, Christian women are encouraged to imitate Deborah and other saintly women of old:.