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Hairy butts are the best

Nude photos Hairy butts are the best.
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We sooo love a sweet hairy man ass. Sometimes I swear he leaves his face print, haha. I myself am an ass connoisseur; fine asses are my expertise.

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I love the taste of his cum in my mouth as I eat his hairy hole, makes me shoot thru the roof every time, lol. Sorry, lol, I digress… back to hairy asses, yes the more hair the better.

Love me some Mediterranean hairy ass. We just met a hottie with one at our gym, lol, and if you are reading this you know who you are, lol. But a surprising number of light skinned hairy boys also have sweet hairy holes.

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For instance, our frat boy Bradley has a beautifully hairy hole with a light blond coating of body hair fuzz to die for. I torture him with my constant pinching, biting, slapping and general harassment of his ass.

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