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How to shave a womans vagina

Sexy Video How to shave a womans vagina.
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Trying to achieve a smoothly-shaved vagina is no easy task. From the sharp razor to the razor bumps, the shaved vagina, if done wrong, can be painful and dangerous.

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Never, at all costs, should you dry shave. The second thing you should never do is shave with a dull blade.

Although shaving against the direction the hair grows can give you a close shave, it also makes you susceptible to irritation and ingrown hairs. She also said you need to keep your razors clean.

How to Shave your Vagina...

Bacteria can stick to the blade and start to go wild in the warm bathroom. Just because you came out the shower blood and cut-free does not mean you are out of the woods just yet.

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Do not rub your pubic skin dry with a towel. Apply aloe vera gel to the area… Apply one percent over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to the area two or three times a day. Nada Elbuluk tells ScienceDaily.

There are many misconceptions about pubic hair and hygiene. Believe it or not though, pubic hair does have a purpose. Madeleine M Castellanos shares the many benefits that you receive by not going bald.

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Sure, now we wear clothes, but sometimes even clothes can irritate the skin there. This decreases the chances of yeast infections and skin breakdown.

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simple, but it's not. Here are all the things women should know about how to shave down there.

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