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Visions of the Past No one concept marks America's past.

You might argue anyway that...

Progress, struggle, setback and achievement blend into a democracy built upon a desire for a better world. Out of the inventiveness of the past emerge blueprints for the future.

Writing of The Declaration of Independence. McCarthyism The Cold War. Within Our Time As we begin to grow, experience touches us and reveals to us infinite directions. Events sometimes shatter, sometimes enrich us.

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Yet, out of time we emerge, a small part of history. Kindergarten Kennedy's assassination losing your first tooth. Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson.

Over a cocktail dress and...

Olympics anti-war demonstrations Kent State. Lasting Impressions Four years fall quickly into the past; for us, a very significant past.

We have learned about the world and have gained a sense of ourselves.

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We go into the future an extension of our past and the past of others. Cougar basketball at the Palestra. Renzo, Oya, and Vii When are we getting the Commons? You want to buy a class mug? Mid- Winter Dance Freebird. DeFarges Effie Clara C. Riesenfeld Curtis Hogy G. McKnett Duke Marlboro B. Van Patter Louise J. Davidson Ralph Dolly Dibble D.

Romano Emerson Dibble J. Gildner Rodriques Rosita S. DeMarco, W Milne, L. Nancy Jean Pantyhose lane ck truit S.

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Nancy Abbot "to accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe. James Bailey N.

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