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How to deal with clingy girlfriend

xXx Galleries How to deal with clingy girlfriend.
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Clingy behavior often stems from insecurity. Although it is common in younger people who do not have a great deal of dating experience, older individuals who have experienced hurt or rejection -- either in romantic relationships or in childhood -- may also become clingy.

Preserving your relationship often means setting clear boundaries and helping your partner work through the issues underlying the issue at hand.

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Setting clear boundaries can be a good step in deterring clingy behavior in your relationship. You should discuss this with your partner, explaining that you need more physical or emotional space and clearly outlining any other relevant needs.

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Discuss your partner's needs as well. In short, establish boundaries together.

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For example, if your boyfriend calls you at work multiple times and is distracting you or is simply bothering you by constantly trying to spend more time together than you are able to give, discuss this and talk about how you can be there for one another without compromising your respective needs. Although it may be difficult for your partner to accept at first, reassure him that you care but need your personal space -- to rest, work and pursue activities that are meaningful to you.

Without How to deal with clingy girlfriend your partner or labeling her as "too clingy," talk about the ways that the behavior is affecting you and your relationship. Although every relationship needs work, it is also important to find a balance between your partner's needs and your own needs. Even if your partner becomes upset, cries or tries to argue with you if you cannot spend time with him, try to maintain your own identity, interests and hobbies.

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Reinforce the importance of these things to your partner. You can even frame the time apart as an opportunity to find new things to talk about when you are together again.

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In many cases, clingy behavior does not mean that you are doing anything wrong in your relationship. It simply means that your partner is insecure, worried or has low self-esteem.

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