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Dating a tall guy yahoo answers

XXX pics Dating a tall guy yahoo answers.
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Why don't tall guys like tall girls? I'm 15 and 6 feet tall. I'm not unattractive, but I'm no stunner.


I've talked to about a dozen guys from other schools in the past year and they all tell me I'm really pretty. But none of the guys in my school like me!

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I'm crazy outgoing, I'm a huge goofball, and i always get told how I'm crazy outgoing, I'm a huge goofball, and i always get told how funny I am, so why don't guys like me? I've never had a boyfriend but i talk to a lot of different guys from other schools. I have a lot of guy friends and sit with mostly guys at lunch. I asked a tall guy to homecoming and he said no and then went with a short girl.

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Guys usually prefer a girl to be shorter. So if a guy is taller than you then thats not a problem. I'm sure you aren't struggling with guys based on your height, the guy you asked to homecoming may have just liked that girl.

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It may have nothing to do with your height at all. I'm sure you're a beautiful girl! Teens probably tend to have this stereotypical image in their heads that in an ideal couple the dude is wayyyy taller than the girl.

I don't know tho. However, as you grow older you'll see everyone mature and you shud always keep a positive attitude!

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The right guy will come one day and he will love every single thing about you! Even your incredible height: If they already say you're really pretty then maybe they do like you but are too shy to even admit it!

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It's not awkward for tall guys to date shorter girls. Which means that tall guys have many girls to choose from.

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Height isn't an important consideration for tall guys. Tall guys are probably more concerned with boobs and pretty faces than height.

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Short girls mature quicker ; Honestly, I wouldn't know why since I personally haven't met anyone like that. Segnala abuso Penso che questa domanda violi le Linee guida della community.

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