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Slendertone 7 program abdominal muscle toning belt review

Quality porn Slendertone 7 program abdominal muscle toning belt review.
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Even though it shares common features with the equally popular Flex Beltthere are quite a few aspects that set the two apart.

Indeed, they both work by toning abdominal muscles through EMS, but the Flex Belt is more expensive and comes in only one model.

The Slendertone 7-Program Abdominal Toning...

The Slendertone Flex Pro 7 Program Ab Toner, on the other hand, comes in three varieties for women, men and unisex and is also almost half the price of the aforementioned abdominal muscle toner belt. Abdominal belts tend to make a lot of promises when it comes to fitness. In our Slendertone belt review, will break down what this product has to offer and how well it stands up to the expectations.

In a nutshell, it is a muscle toner belt that uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation commonly abbreviated as EMS technology to trigger the core muscles in your abdominal area.

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In other words, an abdominal muscle belt contracts your muscles to tone them. Thus, the Slendertone belt is not intended to replace a proper workout routine.

The best it can do is to complement physical training, and offer you additional help while you are at home. This Slendertone belt model is quite comfortable to wear. It offers 99 resistance levels.

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