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One direction preferences bsm your hookup another band member

New xXx Video One direction preferences bsm your hookup another band member.

Here are some of my 1D preferences. I also do BSMs, requests and song preferences. These are all mine so don't steal! You meet the boys.

You're dating another band member and he cheats.

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Little Mix song preference. You're dating a band member and he cheats pt.

He likes your twin more than you. He likes your twin more than you pt.

You have a boyfriend. You're in the 'Story of my life' music video Requested by: BSM imagine for Alana. BSM imagine for Sienna. Louis-You were at the mall with your brother,Louis,and you were looking for a dress to wear. Good thing there were no Paps or fans that noticed you,so you guys weren't crowded. Does this look okay? He looked at the dress your wearing and he shook his head. You groaned and went back to the fitting room,changing back to your normal clothes.

#10 BSM:You're dating another band...

You got a new dress that Louis had picked and went back to the fitting room. You opened the curtain and saw Niall making out with another girl and you saw your brother's angry face.

Your eyes started to water as tears fell from your cheek.

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Cause' it looks like you were sucking faces with another girl. Zayn-Your brother,Zayn,knew that you and Harry were dating. He didn't like it when he found out that his bandmate is dating his sister but he knows that it will make his sister happy so he gave him his permission to date you.

You were at Nandos with Zayn hanging out with him since it's his day-off.

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While he was ordering you guys' food,something caught your eye. You saw Harry with his ex,Taylor. You saw both of them making out.

Read One of them is...

You started tearing up as Zayn got back. You couldn't take this anymore,you ran off the restaurant and off to the street.

You heard a horn honk behind you then everything went black. Liam-You were at you and Zayn's flat watching a movie. While you were watching the movie you saw Zayn texting someone and he hasn't payed attention to the movie the whole time and you were starting to get curious of who he was texting.

You shrugged it off and continued watching the movie. After the movie was finished you looked at him and he was still texting.

Read 58) BSM - You...

You sneakily grabbed his phone and went through his messages and the person he was texting was some girl named Britney. You opened the message and you saw their conversation and it says: Keep the bed warm for me ; While you were reading it,you saw Zayn walking downstairs. Tell me the truth! Now get out of my house!

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Harry-You just got home from work. Your boss just fired you and all you wanna do was go home and spend time with your loving boyfriend,Liam. You went up to you guys' bedroom and you saw him on top of a blonde girl. I didn't mean to. Because you don't want Harry to find out? Your such a jerk! It's One direction preferences bsm your hookup another band member that I don't want to ruin my relationship with Harry and also with you.

Niall-You were with your brother,Niall. You two were hanging out at his flat just eating,watching movies etc.

While Niall was cooking food you decided to check your phone. You were scrolling through your phone,you saw a tons of notifications,all from twitter. Lots of fans tweeted you the same thing and you saw a picture of Louis and a girl,kissing and another picture of them holding hands. They all looked real and there is no proof that the picture is photoshopped.

Your face turned red with anger and you called,Louis. So,how long was this?

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