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Bigelow oolong tea weight loss

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There are three things in life that are certain: For years, companies have been Bigelow oolong tea weight loss products that promise to single-handedly melt off the pounds with minimal effort; no diet or exercise required.

Whether or not you have been burned by the false promises of these magic weight loss cures before, it is important to remember that nothing short of a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine will deliver the desired weight loss results.

So with all of the recent attention focused on the weight loss benefits of oolong tea also known as wu-long teagarnering celebrity endorsements from Rachel Ray, Oprah, and Dr. Oz, it is easy to wonder if the tea is just another weight loss fad that will vanish in time.

Despite the impossible claims of weight loss cures before, research has found that combined with a healthy diet and a steady exercise routine, oolong tea is a wonderful supplement in both shedding the weight and weight loss maintenance.

It has been an ancient Chinese belief that consuming oolong tea is instrumental in preventing obesity by decreasing weight and speeding up the metabolism. Oolong Wu-long tea is derived from the stems, leaves, and buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Although green tea and black tea is also produced from this plant, it is processed differently from its sister teas.

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Black tea is fully fermented, green tea is unfermented, and oolong or brown tea tea falls in the middle, being partially fermented. One of the main ways Bigelow oolong tea weight loss tea naturally helps you lose weight is by increasing energy expenditure and enabling the preferential use of fat as an energy source. In a controlled study, the U. Department of Agriculture examined the connection between oolong tea consumption and energy expenditure.

In this study, participants at the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center observed the energy expenditure of participants who either drank four cups of oolong tea or four cups of plain water each day for three days.

Oolong tea naturally contains caffeine, which helps to release and burn stored body fat. Research conducted at the U. Scientists speculate that drinking oolong tea instructs the body to burn fat for energy, Bigelow oolong tea weight loss this tea a perfect beverage choice before embarking on your workout routine.

There is a relatively strong body of scientific evidence suggesting that oolong tea really does live up to its weight busting reputation. Studies have suggested that the combination of polyphenols and caffeine helps raise the metabolism for the hours immediately after drinking.

They also suggest that oolong can block certain fat building enzymes all of which leads to sustainable weight loss when drunk on a regular basis. A Chinese study published in was conducted to determine the effects of drinking oolong tea on obesity and body fat. As Bigelow oolong tea weight loss as the decreases seen in body weight, subjects in all categories also experienced a significant decrease in subcutaneous fat levels which, in the case of female subjects, also led to a decrease in waist size.

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Furthermore, Bigelow oolong tea weight loss experiment revealed that drinking oolong tea brought about a remarkable decrease in triglycerides and total cholesterol levels in subjects with hyperlipidemia. The researchers concluded that drinking oolong tea could help reduce and control weight and reduce body fat levels as a result of improved lipid metabolism.

Another study set out to examine the effect of oolong tea consumption on metabolic rate and energy expenditure on men. The experiment which was published in was designed to compare the effects of full strength and half strength tea Bigelow oolong tea weight loss well as plain water and caffeinated water equivalent to the full 15 grams of tea treatment.

The participants were given each of the four treatments for 3 days with energy expenditure being measured at the end of the third day. The results showed that those who consumed the full strength oolong tea experienced significantly higher fat oxidation and additional energy expenditure when compared to the other treatments.

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A later experiment published in demonstrated very similar effects with regard to the impact of oolong tea on Japanese females. The effects of the decaffeinated polyphenols contained in oolong tea were put to the test in a recent experiment on mice.

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The study published in set out to investigate the ability of oolong tea, green tea, and black tea to reduce body fat. Researchers found that mice fed with polyphenol extract from oolong tea experienced a significant decrease in body weight and fat levels.

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In fact, all three tea polyphenol extracts induced weight loss despite their differences in polyphenol content. In addition to its well-researched weight loss capabilities; Oolong tea is chock full of antioxidants. As shown in the research studies Ooolong effectively burns fat, especially in the tummy and upper arm area.

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Bigelow oolong tea weight loss tea contains a high amount of the antioxidant poly-phenol, which in addition to being a wonderful weight loss aid, also hosts a plethora of health benefits for the oolong tea drinker. Polyphenols promote strong, healthy teeth; sharper cognitive functioning; mental well being; strengthens the immune system, helps to lower the rise in insulin levels, prevents allergies and eczema as well as giving your skin a radiant glow.

To experience the benefits of oolong tea, you only have to drink two cups a day to give your metabolism a boost and to help burn fat faster. Feel free to drink oolong tea throughout the day. Drinking Oolong at regular intervals will help retain the speed of your metabolism which should help you to lose weight as well as keeping you healthy.

Making yourself a Bigelow oolong tea weight loss of oolong tea is also a great way to combat mid-afternoon slumps and sweet cravings. Although coffee also contains antioxidants that promote weight loss, oolong tea contains less caffeine; therefore decreasing the likelihood of suffering from caffeine related side effects. It is important to remember, however, that by adding milk and sugar to your tea, you significantly decrease the weight loss benefits of the tea by adding calories.

Both Green tea and Oolong Tea can be used to help lose weight. In fact, Oolong during the day when you can use the caffeine and Green Tea Bigelow oolong tea weight loss in the day would be a great idea.

Even if you are not looking to lose any weight, Oolong tea is an extremely healthy choice of beverage. The following are just some of the ways that drinking Oolong can help protect your health.

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