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She opened the door erotic stories

Porn Pics & Movies She opened the door erotic stories.
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I have to start by saying that this has been the most arousing experience I have ever had, I lived up a fantasy of mine, and although things played out a little different from what I imagined, for my own pleasure my imagination fell short from what actually happened. So I will describe to the best of my capacity what happened last night.

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I have been going out with Lauren for 2 months now, ever since we met we felt a strong attraction for each other, and who wouldn't be attracted to her, she is 5 8' with a hot body, nice curves in the right places, a cute little butt, hip bones that stick out and the most gorgeous and perky breasts I have ever seen, so round and perky with nipples that stick out half an inch and just make me want to bite them, she has the softest white skin that contrasts with her dark brown hair, and the best feature is her face, so damn attractive, she has a small straight nose, nice lips and the most beautiful eyes, they are blue as the ocean, not the light blue that most people have but the darker deeper shinier blue which is very uncommon and her dark hair just makes those eyes stand out even more, those eyes can get any persons attention with just a glance, they are quite simply magnetic.

During this 2 months we have learned a lot from each other, including fantasies we have, I have to mention one of her fantasies is kissing another girl, maybe play with her a little, and well, who would oppose to that right?

I have She opened the door erotic stories fantasized about having some random guy seeing my girl naked, the idea of having someone lusting after my girl turns me on real bad. I shared this with her, at the beginning she thought it was just funny, she wasn't really into it, but turning me on turned her on in return, so we came up with am idea in which we would order pizza and she would answer the door completely naked, of course in my fantasy not much would take place, I imagined the guy to be shocked and not being able to do or say much while she simply looked at the guy with those magnetic eyes while having her She opened the door erotic stories body in full display.

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I thought she was joking or I thought she was saying this in the heat of sex, she likes when I talk dirty and she says this kind of things when we are fucking. Last night she was cooking pasta and we played around with the idea of calling the pizza guy, it was late, around eleven thirty and I decided to push the issue a little more, I went online and ordered pizza and told her, she looked at me and said 'You are one little naughty boy aren't you?

I thought to myself, maybe Those 30 minutes went quickly, She opened the door erotic stories we were waiting she went to the bedroom and came back wearing only black panties, her bra and her stilettos.

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She was now on her second beer when the guy knocked on the door, I looked at her and asked 'So I was in complete shock, I didn't get it, she was only wearing her black stilettos, there was no way she was actually going to open the door and get the pizza like that.

My apartment is on the second She opened the door erotic stories of a town house building so she had to walk down the stairs to get to the door, and she had to do it slow I heard the door opening and she said 'I am sorry, I have to answer the door naked because I lost a bet, I hope you don't mind', there was a brief silence and I heard the guy say 'I don't mind".

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Then I heard the door open even more, at this point she was standing right in front of the guy totally naked wearing only her shoes, legs slightly separated. Then something happened which I didn't expect, I thought I would hear the door close and she would come upstairs with the pizza and that would be it, but It was so far from it.

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The guy She opened the door erotic stories to make conversation with Lauren, he said 'May I ask what the bet was?

Then he said still in a respectful way 'I meant, what was the bet' I was betting that Holland was a state and not a country, I lost the bet and well. I had to answer the door naked wearing only this shoes". Then I heard some intelligible conversation, they were laughingthen he handed her a receipt and still with the door wide open she slowly walked up the stairs.

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He had the most amazing view of her ass right there. She seemed to be walking slow on purpose so he could enjoy the view. She came up and stood in front of me, my jaw was on the floor literally, she was still naked and her pussy was a all wet, she was smiling so big, in part because she was nervous, she handed me the receipt and told me I had to sign it, I couldn't believe she had just been talking to a complete stranger just a step away from him and totally naked, I was so aroused and shocked I could barely grab the pen.

Then she looked at me and asked me to fuck her right there, I turned her around and bent her over while she spread her legs for me, I sticked my dick inside of her, was easy because she was so wet I could hear the sound of her pussy with every thrust, then she started moaning, she was so wet some started to go down her legs.

I then realized she was moaning so loud there was no way the pizza guy could not hear us, also the slapping of my body against her ass was quite loud.

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She wanted him to hear it was clear. With a quick movement she got off me turned around and told me 'Hey.

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