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Electromagnetic chaos

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Will electromagnetic chaos eliminators interfere with my home network??? I've used them before, but it was just temporary.

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I do the grand majority of things in the books, but the only products i've bought that he reccomended are magnetic Electromagnetic chaos, water filters, and full spectrum lights. My Aunt in New Jersey let me try the electromagnetic chaos eliminators during my visit, and it was awesome. The thing is, prejudging from the title, it sounds like this thing could actually interfere with wireless technology.

During my stay in new jersey, the wireless home phones worked fine.

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I don't know what frequency they ran on though. I didn't have a cell phone back then so i wouldn't know if it interferes my cell phone. The Problem is, I'm right about to by Electromagnetic chaos from the website i gave Electromagnetic chaos link to above, and my entire house runs on Linksys Wireless N technology except my And the Home phones run on a 5.

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The Big question Electromagnetic chaos Will my home network be screwd or not??? I just thought of this, If i were to wear this inside the house, nobody would be able Electromagnetic chaos play the xbox or use the ps3, since the xbox only has wireless controllers, and the ps3's remote won't work.

And My entertainment system relies a great deal on blue tooth It would also suck if i forced everyone within 10 yards of me to drop their cell phone calls. Comment Reply Start Topic.

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I convinced 42 suckers to buy something in order to get myself a 60GB PS3 absolutely free of charge I know i'm a bad person. I don't do that anymore I'm going to bed.

Wont be around to respond to anything. BTW i know that your trying to refer me with you lil "hack", but im nice so ill put in Electromagnetic chaos. It's a scam that got me a free PS3.

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I'm going to Electromagnetic chaos ahead and order it before they even reply to my e-mail. It would suck if i really couldn't use my cell fone whilst wearing it He's not exactly the brightest bulb on the tree. No I'm not lying.

You'll get a response within a week. I think Electromagnetic chaos it will be okay to by this electromagnetic chaos eliminator. My 2 cents, no, it wont wreck your WiFi, but that's because it doesn't work.