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Winning the heart of a scorpio man

xXx Galleries Winning the heart of a scorpio man.

Scorpio is a smooth guy.

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This guy is super confident because he knows who he truly is. He also takes the time to discover everything about the world and himself. However, he is not narcissistic because he is curious to explore everything that challenges and perplexes him.

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A Scorpio man rarely cares what others think. Based on Pisces marriage compatibilityPisces woman is the most ideal partner for a Scorpio. The Scorpio man is incredibly curious — he wants to discover everyone and everything, but he likes to figure things out on his own.

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His sense of intuition helps him uncover the plain truth of things. He is also good at asking direct and penetrating questions. He rarely takes answers at face value but comes to his own conclusions.

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He lives on his own terms and controls over any situation in his life. Independence, fearlessness, and ambition — here are all deadly kinds of beauty to the Scorpio man. Do not get in his way or place any bets against him. A Scorpio guy cannot understand the pain of defeat. He is determined to get what he wants thanks to his stubbornness and resourcefulness.

He is also hard working and enjoys the fruits of his labor. When it comes to love, the Scorpio male is not in it for the pure fun of it. In his opinion, love is serious. If he does not love you, he will never pretend that he does.

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His passion and integrity come from genuine feelings, so he wants to feel everything in its nature essence. He does not mind drowning himself in a passionate love affair and enjoying every second of it.

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Before you give your heart to this man, make sure you are really serious about him. Scorpio regards love as an intense and serious business. If you are just out for fun, pass over this one since his anger will be as fierce as his lovemaking. You should not trifle with a Scorpio man. This guy is stern and serious, with little time for the unimportance and non-essentiality.

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The world is only black and white in his eyes. Shades of grey are too confusing and do not interest him. He is not likely to reveal his darkest secrets. If you want to befriend with a Scorpio man, you need to prove your loyalty so that he can trust you and get chummy.

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