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Treat decollete wrinkles

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Dr Aamer Khan provides an overview of the procedures available that aim to improve the appearance of sun damage and ageing on the chest.

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There are various physical causes for them appearing more prominent. Once the collagen in the skin breaks down from age and sun exposure, those wrinkles tend to linger and, thanks to gravity, the generously endowed, whether naturally or surgically, tend to be more affected. As a result of hormonal changes relating to the menopause and oestrogen deficiency, women in their 40s and 50s are also more prone to ageing in this area.

As such, I have detailed some of the most common methods below, with information on how they should be used. The skin will be red for approximately seven to ten days, and peeling will occur. The results improve over the next few months as the skin repairs and regenerates, and new collagen is formed.

It is essential to advise Treat decollete wrinkles to moisturise the treated area morning and night while the skin is healing. This reduces inflammation and damage to the skin through the skin cracking.

While one treatment will see an improvement in texture, tone and tightness, a course of three treatments is advised — one to two months apart.

Histological studies have shown that some of the effects of CO2 resurfacing are permanent. The hyaluronic acid should be injected into the skin with lots of tiny microinjections, aiming to replenish moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines while plumping skin, without the risk of leaving bumps, caused by larger deposits of product.

This is because of the large surface area, and the need to minimise the risk of leaving a bumpy outcome. The action of injecting will also contribute to the skin remodeling, as with microneedling. Avoid using permanent fillers such as Treat decollete wrinkles, as well Treat decollete wrinkles any filler that is long lasting and may result in nodules, which can be difficult to manage.

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In our experience, the results from hyaluronic acid used in this way should last up to a year. The maintenance with good skin care and SPF protection will give even longer lasting results. Three to five sessions, a month apart, are advised to get a result that will last Treat decollete wrinkles to four years.


The mediation of this effect is unclear, but may relate to a relaxation of fibres or cells in the dermis, that may have some contractile function.

This is a safe treatment with minimal risks, and Treat decollete wrinkles can last three to five months. The increasing heat modifies the collagen bundles deep inside the skin causing them to contract, thus stimulating the production of new collagen over time. This gives rise to the best results Treat decollete wrinkles tissue remodeling. We do, however, have to be careful not to use very high-energy settings, as the skin in this area is very thin and prone to scarring.

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Three sessions, six weeks apart Treat decollete wrinkles annual maintenance are advised. Vitamin C is a fantastic ingredient for treating this area as it builds collagen which plumps the skin and treats, as well as helps prevent, pigmentation. It is a vulnerable area predisposed to photo-ageing and the effects of shearing forces, particularly in women who have very few hair follicles on their chests.


The practice of preparation with skin care including retinoids and vitamin C, with, or without hydroquinone in Fitzpatrick skin types IV-VI is always prudent.

Experience has taught us that combining treatments can help us to attain better results, with fewer risks and side effects. This puts great emphasis on managing patient expectations, and the informed consenting process. All of this Treat decollete wrinkles with the consultation and listening to the patients.

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