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How to avoid loneliness when living alone

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Kaitlyn has a background in psychology and writes articles that teach you how to lean on your body, mind, heart, and on those around you. These feelings of loneliness can worsen when we get older to find ourselves still living alone while our friends pair up one after another to settle down in happily married bliss. Being alone and lonely are two very different things. Many of us have no problem living alone, staying single, and doing things by ourselves.

Feeling connected to people is crucial to our mental and physical well-being.

Some people who live alone...

Loneliness has been recognized by doctors as addressed in this study and the UK government as a significant social health concern that needs to be officially addressed. Even throw a party for no reason at all.

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Did an acquaintance invite you over for a birthday party, baby shower, wedding, or an after-work dinner? Say yes even though you may not know anyone else there. Take it as an opportunity to make new connections. Who knows what kind of people you may meet? Social media is not enough to help you cope with loneliness and can make you feel even more isolated after logging off, which can cause an unhealthy dependence on social media or your mobile devices.

Remember that the key to curing isolation and loneliness is to make real connections. Yes, real connections are harder to make and maintain, but they can never be replaced. If most of your friends live in different parts of the world, make an effort to find new friends How to avoid loneliness when living alone live in the same city or get to know your colleagues better after work.

Take this opportunity to strengthen or rebuild your relationships with family members.

Reaching out to others who may need a shoulder to lean on can also help you overcome loneliness. Helping others will allow you to turn the focus away from yourself and onto somebody else.

Especially if you keep going back to your favorite coffee shop, the staff may start to recognize you, and you may also recognize some familiar faces. Soon enough, that familiarity may grow into new connections and even friendships. Chronic loneliness can often come hand in hand with depression and can sap your motivation to do anything other than binge watch Netflix all day. Take a stroll around the neighborhood. Visit your local coffee shop. There may be deeper issues that could be causing your deep feelings of isolation and disconnection.

Therapists can help talk you through your fear and anxiety and can help you manage your expectations when you begin to take steps out of your comfort zone. There is no shame in getting professional help. You have the right to do everything in your power to get healthier, feel happier, and to live the life you want - single or not.

It sounds like How to avoid loneliness when living alone looking for a connection. If that's the case, any of the steps listed in this article will help you start to build a social support network that is crucial for your mental well-being.

Even though it's hard to get to know people, especially if you're living in a large city, an easy first step is to join an interest group. Just spending time with a group of people with a shared interest will make it much easier to make new friends. Please keep in mind that any advice given here should not be taken as an alternative to getting professional help. If your depression or emotional distress is too much for you to handle, please don't hesitate to seek professional counseling or help.

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Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I try to not get into social media when I am with my family Time flies so quick, and I want to cherish each moment I have with my kids and my husband. Social media definitely won't help at all.

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It's hard to deal with loneliness, but your tips are really helpful! I am staying alone here since last December.

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I speak with friends, watch movies, go for shopping, travel, dine out to overcome loneliness. These are great pieces of advice to cope with loneliness. When I was still with my now ex-husband, our relationship could be tagged as "living alone together. I grew pretty flowering plants in pots. It made me happy to see them bloom. I am trying to remember how I coped when I was single.

I guess I went out, did gardening, cooked for my family, and read. I read a lot.

This is something I'm dealing with my everyday life. I do think sometimes it does get frustrating but I manage it by traveling. I agree, saying yes is great. It is a great way of getting out the house, plus meeting people and you never know you could end up meeting the one. Oftentimes being lonely for many people is more about wishing they were with a "special someone" and not just anyone.

Most single people know other people they can meet up with such as friends, family members, and co-workers.

They also know they can go out to eat alone, go see a movie alone, read a book or listen to music on their iPod while lying at the beach or poolside. In a world with over 7 Billion people being alone is mostly by choice.

See, the thing is that...

However having a "special one" to call your own is a challenge for many. It's when a person is tired of being the "third wheel" or "fifth wheel" when they meet up with their friends who are coupled up. It's dreading the holiday season especially Valentine's Day. It's being horny with no one special to make love to, snuggle with, kiss, or have intimate experiences such as holding hands while watching the sun set.

Being "single" legally just means you're not married.

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