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Single and sober hookup slaa meetings chicago

Sex photo Single and sober hookup slaa meetings chicago.

Self centered, self righteous, judgmental and really joyless people. They love to condemn and to exalt. There are some good people in the rooms of AA but the majority of them are pathetic.

As someone who is 28 years sober, I disagree with that statement. What many are though, are Jesus freaks. And that works my fucking nerves.

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If you are "not willing to go to any length," they say you might as well give up on getting clean and sober. But the lengths they demand are pretty nutty. And I saw many people screw up their lives in the hope that cutting off contact with family, changing career, moving to another city, quitting school, Single and sober hookup slaa meetings chicago saving money, or whatever their sponsor told them to do in the hope that it would make them whole.

With these kinds of demands made with so little return in terms of mental health, is it any wonder they become so joyless and judgemental? If I had to go around and apologize to everyone I hurt when I was on a bender I wouldn't have time for anything else. AA members are generally Dos no one else find it to be absurd that OP is criticizing, well, anyone else, for being self righteous, judgmental, joyless, and condemning?

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The lack of self awareness boggles my mind. I just found it exhausting. Once I stopped lying on a daily basis, as required by AA, I was able to stay sober.

AA is a cult and completely ineffective. I live in NYS where opioid addicts are sent to Medicaid rehabs where they sit around reading "the book" while the taxpayers foot the bill for this nonsense. On a positive note, new regulations in the state are preventing these dubious rehabs from parking people there for more than months.

Single and sober hookup slaa...

The only thing that will help the opiate addicts is methadone or suboxone with associated social services, not reading a book based on the belief of a supernatural Single and sober hookup slaa meetings chicago. And you want to pay for the medical treatment and management, R25? You sound like a cheap, heartless cunt, so I doubt it. I am a suboxone prescriber, as well, you dolt, and every day at work I keep opiate addicts alive. What have you done to help addicts? You sound like a bitter addict, now sober, who has realized your substance abuse just masked your nasty personality, and that sobriety has not helped you out much.

If you are "not willing to go to any length," they say you might as well give up on getting clean and sober But the lengths they demand are pretty nutty So I was out. This is just a lie. Perhaps the author was chronically complaining about her job? R31, My roommate was asked to cut off contact with his family by his sponsor. I was many times told that I needed to get a "humble job" and that being in a position of authority would undermine my recovery.

Another sponsor told me that saving money as i was showed that I was still afraid of financial insecurity which as the Big Book Single and sober hookup slaa meetings chicago, shows a lack of trust in a higher power.

All anyone has to do to become a sponsor is volunteer. Then they can tell sponsees anything they want. How can anyone defend that? I know a lot of people who were helped but I also know a lot of people who were harmed. R25 At my AA groupwe refer opioid addicts to NA as we have a singleness of purpose, meaning alcohol is our problem.

Many groups however, accept all addicts. I choose not to attend those type meetings as I cant relate. As far as bossy sponsor, I would get rid of them, although some people only respond to authoritarian rule in all aspects of their lives. I find AA very helpful and I am very liberal and non-religious.

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The gay AA did the least for me, ironically. Cults have a leader, which AA does not. You can even start your own group. R31 there are nice ways to tell a sponsor to FOff and find a new one! You probably have some cognitive imparenent that keeps you from understanding what you hear in a way that most people are accustomed to communicating. R34, I do not understand the investment in perpetuating something that does so much harm.

Being sober a few months more than someone else does not qualify anyone to run someone else's life. And people in the program are vulnerable. They are desperate for answers and are willing to do whatever they are told. I spent years in the program and it kept me sick. I have a strong feeling that you have the same desperation and fear that I did holding Single and sober hookup slaa meetings chicago in the program. Or you have started sponsoring and are getting off on the power.

Either way, this is not healthy. Deep down you know it is true.

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