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Story of sex and the city 2

Pics Gallery Story of sex and the city 2.

T his put me in mind of a stunned and disillusioned childhood of multimedia consumption in the s: And yet, up on the big screen, with each new movie … why did they look increasingly slow and dull and tired, often wearing new outfits which didn't look very good?

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Perhaps, with Sex and the City 4, we will be treated to a heart-rending Death of Spock-type scene, in which Samantha is fired out of a Manhattan penthouse window in a sparkly coffin, having first transferred her "katra" to a demure assistant.

Anyway, Carrie and her best buds get it together for another big-screen go-around in this misjudged and quite incredibly boring sequel.

EMMA ROSENBLUM For background: When...

It is two years on from the last movie. Charlotte and Miranda Story of sex and the city 2 happy, if stressed, moms; Samantha is single and staving off the menopause with weird vitamins and Carrie is still married to smug Big Chris Nothbut the romance is leaking out of their relationship.

And iPhones, which so baffled Carrie in the last movie, are now ubiquitous. The gang have lots of fun at a gay wedding, there are a couple of nice jokes and then … well, something absolutely awful happens. Do they all get crushed by an oblong-shaped asteroid while they're doing that empowered four-abreast march down the sidewalk?

Do they get wiped out by swine flu? Do they have an epiphany and retreat to a nunnery in Lille?

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