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Disadvantages of dating a short guy

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I hear this question so often. And I will answer it in the same way I always have. I have been bedbuddies with two guys who are shorter, 5'7 and 5'9 and I have gone on a few dates with shorter guys and I also dated a boy the same height.

For the boy that was 5'7 I really wanted Disadvantages of dating a short guy relationship with him, but he did not want one with me, and for the one that was 5'9, he got creepy and was claiming he was going to marry me after two weeks.

To the boys I dated that were shorter, Disadvantages of dating a short guy reason we are not together anymore is simply because I didn't click with them.

It was their personalities, not their height. To me, and to many other women, height does not matter. It does not have a role in if you like some one. You are in high school though, and a lot of girls in high school are shallow because they are worried about what others think. Though they may not be willing to admit it, it's true. My current boyfriend is 6'1. I am taller than him in heels. He says, "As long as you feel beautiful, I don't care how much taller your heels make you" He takes me out and shows me off to everyone when I am in my heels.

Granted he is 23 and I am 19, so we are done with caring what people think about that kind of thing. And if any girl says it does, she is shallow and she is looking for the wrong things in a relationship.

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You are a boy, you will be getting taller all the time and into your 20s, so don't worry too much about it. I know it's hard for you sometimes, I know if may make you feel insecure, but it is okay. There is not something like being at advantage or at disadvantage when it comes to dating. That is not that simple, you see?

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You can't just ask someone if they like a physical characteristic about people and Disadvantages of dating a short guy with that answer as if it were almost dogmatic It all comes down to the way people act. I, personally, don't fancy red-haired guys.

I don't see what's so great about red-slightly-orange hair and light eyes I don't dislike it, I just don't really like it that much But if I happen to start to like a guy with an awesome personality, that so happens to be have Disadvantages of dating a short guy the color of reddish-pumpkins, I guess I'd start liking red-haired guys Specially that one.

This happened to me in real life. I don't really care about red-hair, but I once had a boyfriend with it, and at the time I thought he was pretty cute with his It's the same with having dark hair, having freckles, being tall, being muscular, being slim or being short, etc. Of course, people have preferences and all that, but when they find the person they like, it all stops making sense and that one person will then dictate what the one crushing on them likes.

Don't stress about being short - some people like short guys, some people don't care, some like tall guys But, in the end, it won't matter because the all the girls who'll care for you will love your height! Being short is not a disadvantage. Yes, in general I do think shorter men are at a disadvantage, but do I think a girl wouldn't ever date them no. So is being poor.

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So is being uneducated. So is being the wrong age. So is not having great muscles. So is not singing well.

So is not having a deep voice. So is not having a masculine jaw.

I'm 5'2" and well I...

So is not having tremendous facial symmetry. So is having bad hair. So is not naturally speaking with rich descriptions. So is not reading body language well. So is having a small penis So is having a monstrous penis. So is not lasting long in bed. So is lasting too long in bed. So is not sharing interests with women.