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TIL it's a common prank in Japan to shove your fingers into someones ass. It's called Kancho en. Relevant statue found in Korea Was an english teacher in korea for a year as well - can confirm. You develop a kind of spidey sense and just know when they are coming Luckily I teach in an all girls school now, so I don't have to worry. When Finger in japanese asshole taught younger kids though, I warned them that I would punch them if they did it.

It was a half threat Well yeah, someone putting their finger up there without warning would be a little surprising to me too. Might be for the second and third time too That sounds like so much fun. People won't be expecting it at all! When I suddenly shove my finger two knuckles deep in their anus they will be so surprised they'll laugh their asses off! My girlfriend is Korean, not a child and I still get this every goddamn time I go up the stairs Finger in japanese asshole of her.

There's also something called 'riding the motorcycle' for guys only sorry girls no sexism implied. I mean it can be done to girls but the same effect most likely will not be elicited.

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Usually takes more than one person needed to hold victim down and sometimes grab legs but basically one person takes their foot and starts mashing away at the victims private parts like they're trying to start a motorcycle.

No stomping because it's not supposed to hurt but it's more of a jiggling of the foot on your balls. The result is a somewhat uncomfortable tickling sensation. Another Finger in japanese asshole point for koreans… There's a popular snack here called "Kancho. Lol And apparently they inject the chocolate On our swim team we could swipe our hands up the butt crack and we called it the credit card.

The game stopped when a freshman boy who didn't know better swiped a junior girl and she moaned a little too loud for comfort in a pretty small bus. I rowed crew in high school. Finger in japanese asshole

Spandex bodysuits that stop mid-thighplus 40 degree weather at the end of the fall season. We all got very acquainted Finger in japanese asshole each other, it's no wonder everyone on crew ends up dating each other.

To a lesser extent, marching band as well. Everyone gets really fit, which is nice and you pretty much live co-Ed for months. Also, doing labor intensive work like holding a 15 pound baritone while playing and pretty much running while Finger in japanese asshole while checking that you are in the right spot while remembering music gets hot and I have found that to be true. I asked a younger friend who just qualified for the Olympics again what goes on at the trials and games and she just laughed and said it was the same everywhere.

Well when you spend hours a day with people and none of you are wearing very much, you tend to get used to each other's bodies. I've been on football, lacrosse, and baseball teams and The butt pats in football and baseball have nothing on this except for maybe being a little sweatier. I think we called it the debit card in middle school.

At the time I don't know that we understood the acronym ATM to have a double meaning, but the goal was to try to stick your fingers Finger in japanese asshole their mouth when the victim spun around mouth agape.

My bball team in college would do a modified credit card. The trifecta was a credit card causing them to thrust their pelvis forwardfollowed with a knuckle slap to the testes causing one to hunch overfollowed with swiping the wiping fingers from the previous credit card under their nose triumphantly. This could be performed solo, or as a two-man team. A solo variation for the more reckless practitioners was a credit card, then staring the victim down while you smell your own fingers.

In certain countries such as the United Kingdom, the act of kancho may be illegal,[citation needed]. Here in South Africa it's called a "zonk" Penetration is not necessarily part of it, but close enough. Expat South African here, this guy speaks the truth. It was mostly done in primary school and the aim was to inflict pain.

A kid would sneak up behind another kid and after successfully performing it would cry out triumphantly "ZONK! Where did you go to school? Such an act would get one quite a severe beating in my school. Yea, it's a joke, no one Finger in japanese asshole what Kancho is in Israel, and the sentence does not translate to God's anal fury, but to "Dear god what is this shit?

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The translation is correct. It literally means "Dear God, what is this shit? Never heard of the word Kancho before though. I live in Japan and used to teach children in a small school in Yokohama. They were all three or four years old and their English was amazing because this school was all they knew.

Unfortunately for them, they'd forget as soon as they 'graduated' when they turned ten, but they were affluent enough in the language to know certain body parts Finger in japanese asshole what not.

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