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Tamer hosny snapchat

Pron Videos Tamer hosny snapchat.

Published May 15th, - While gossip about problems in paradise between him and his Moroccan wife were running Tamer hosny snapchat, Tamer Hosny used Basma Bosil's birthday as an excuse to speak up on social media. The Egyptian superstar wrote on his Facebook page, "Oh Basma, Tamer hosny snapchat is your birthday and the best present in the world is that through the help of God you are innocent of all allegations against you and happy birthday to the most beautiful mother in the world.

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According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, Tamer also posted a copy of a court document proving that his wife was never married to former colleague on the Tamer hosny snapchat Star Academy Yahia Suwais as was recently rumored. The star accused of scandal captioned image of the document with, "This is an official document from a Lebanese court proving that all rumors about my wife Tamer hosny snapchat previously married are lies, and the document said to be a marriage certificate is a forged paper.

Tamer added, "It is said that many people believed the rumors due to the propaganda of the media that published a forged document of a marriage certificate without validating its true source and if it was an original.

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It is also sad that people would intentionally create such commotion in other's lives. I will not let this matter go and intend on prosecuting those responsible for posting the forged document.

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As a Tamer hosny snapchat, Tamer has been at the brunt of many rumors and usually lets them slide off his back without comment, but this particular one was different. He swore that he will haunt those responsible. Top 5 Remakes of Famous Arabic Songs!

Tamer Hosny tells his wife Happy Birthday and announces her innocence Tamer Hosny tells his wife Happy Birthday and announces her innocence 1. Tamer Hosny is out to prove his wife's innocence Image: Click here to add Tamer Hosny as an alert.

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Egyptian student jailed for atheist Facebook announcement. S For a Second Week. Fuller House is to Premiere Season 4 in December. Add a new comment.

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