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Oops i got to excited

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I do write scenarios for them! I love Sweet Pea so much. It was what she did best. So when people found out that some of her best friends were the infamous serpents, it was always a shock. It started when she met Fangs after he hit on her and when she turned as red as a tomato, Toni stepped in and saved her from him. With Toni came Fangs, and then, of course, came Sweet Pea. Sure, Oops i got to excited serpents were bad boys, but Sweet Pea was the icing on the cake.

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Sweet Pea seemed less than interested in her, for he treated her almost the exact same as Toni, with just a smidge of extra flirting, but that was only because Toni and he were practically siblings. Her normal pastel shirt and jeans were traded in for a pair of ripped jeans with fishnet leggings underneath, some tall heeled combat boots and a completely see through black crop top, her entire red lacey bra completely exposed.

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She walked over to the pool table, where she saw Fangs, Sweet Pea and other serpents about to start a new game. Was that what it meant she would have to do to get Sweet Pea? Sure, she was okay with a makeover, but becoming a serpent?

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