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I just broke up with my ex

Sex photo I just broke up with my ex.

Relationships end; everyone knows that.

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The tough part is actually dealing with suffering, accepting, letting go, moving onand processing a whole lot of other feelings at the same time. During the first weeks of our break up I decided that it would be best if I just gave him some time to think things out. I accepted the consequences of my error and decided not to pressure him. I asked for forgiveness.

After all, the break-up broke...

I asked for a second chance. I accepted his decision, and started moving on with my life. Two months passed, and one night he called me. He told me that he missed me terribly and wanted to see me.

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The next day we went to Starbucks. I told him he should figure out what he wanted before hurting someone. I loved him so much.

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I was still waiting for him because I had hope. I was still waiting for that second chance. I was left with a big hole in my heart and a turbulent, uncontrollable mind. It feels like even though you try to move on, to stop remembering, to stop speculating and thinking about this person, you make no progress.

Even though I never felt guilty about the end of the relationship I am certain I did everything I could to save it and I was not going to torture myselfI did feel sad that he was with someone else, and I was still thinking about him and how great we once were.

Talking about it to my friends only helped momentarily. Suddenly I found myself not worrying about the fact that the relationship had ended. I was torturing myself with my own thoughts! And the only person who could help me was me. The answer was inside— and only inside —me.

Seven years after they broke...

I read books, articles, essays. I was trying to find the key wisdom that could allow me to finally feel peace of mind. Through this process, I discovered the power of positive thinking and acceptance. Everybody is different and therefore handles situations in different ways. For instance, I am a very sensitive and vulnerable person. However, the feelings of disappointment and sadness stick with me for a long time, and I strive a lot to finally let go of those feelings.

Dealing with a break up requires immense strength from us. We need to be strong to control our thoughts, to stop the crying, to find happiness in the present moment, and to let go of that person we love so much. So, how do we get this strength? How do we start moving on? How do we begin to let go?

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I want to share what I have learned from my experience. It requires a lot of strength, patience, determination, hope, and self-esteem. If you are currently dealing with a traumatic break up or you still have the memory of the loved one so close to your heart you think you might never forget them, these tips may help: The only person that matters is you. It matters what you think, do, wish, plan and feel. Commit each morning to fully accepting what is happening in the now.

Negative feelings are like holding a I just broke up with my ex piece of charcoal expecting to be thrown at someone else. Only the person holding it gets hurt.

This was the most important one for me. Do not feel guilty for being sad or wishing things were different. Allow yourself to feel the pain of losing the person you love.

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Do not hide your emotions; do not be embarrassed because you are hurting. Just let yourself feel for some time. Maybe you fought for that person, or asked for forgiveness. Include attributes that make you a special and I just broke up with my ex person. Keep adding elements to this list, including all the things we take for granted, such as our health, our education, our families, our friends, and our skills.

Start each day thinking something positive, something that inspires you. Fill your mind with positive thoughts to counteract the negative ones. Read self-help books or articles related with this topic. Stop watching romantic movies and listening to love songs.

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