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Appalachian trail deer lick cabin

Sexy Photo Appalachian trail deer lick cabin.

Feeling protein deprived after a week on the AT, I chowed down on several platefuls of Honey Chicken. Then I attacked their ice cream bar which has 10 barrels of flavors.

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David and Margaret, the innkeepers, are great people and the inn is conveniently right in the middle of town. David knows the local trail system and road crossings quite well and can shuttle you wherever you want to go. The inn is also footsteps from The Waynesburgera killer hamburger joint and site of my second lunch, a few hours later.

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I guess they like to build a little redundancy into the shelter system in Pennsylvania. It was still quite early when I arrived at the Tumbling Run Shelters, but I was very tempted to stop and spend the day there because it was so nice.

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The two shelters are brand new, there are fire pits distributed around the site, and good trees to hang hammocks. But the most amusing thing there was the doorbell on the privy! I kept going instead, eager to resume my 15 mile per day pace and make the most of the day. When Appalachian trail deer lick cabin arrived at the Rocky Mountain Shelters at around 3: I fetched some water from the stream, which was predictably at the bottom of the hill, and found the best spot to pitch my hammock for the night.

A few more hikers arrived near dusk, and I socialized before hitting the hay. I was checking my email the next morning before dawn — my entire route up to this point had excellent cell phone access — and I saw that Appalachian trail deer lick cabin mph winds were predicted for that evening. I had no idea how significant and long-lived this storm system would be. It would force me off the trail a few days later. I got there about noon, and the only thing to do to kill the time was to eat and sleep.

Lucky for me, the Middlesex Diner was next door and it is a great place to eat. I had a big breakfast and then took a nap and returned a few hours later to eat an even larger salmon dinner and a giant ice cream sundae. The forecast the next morning still called for high winds, but tapering down to safer 30 mph at night, which is still not that safe.

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I set off after my free motel buffet breakfast at 7: I entered the woods near the hotel and started getting hit by small pieces of dead wood that were breaking off the surrounding trees. But the worse was yet to come. After days of walking in forest, I had to walk across several miles of open cornfields without any protection from the wind.

It was blowing so hard, that I could barely stand.

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It was a relief when I got back into the woods and started climbing, but there were numerous blowdowns and broken branches along the trail. That had been a good call. One group had a chainsaw with them to cut up blowdowns. It was cold but sunny when I arrived, around 3: Nutella is a great trail food packed with fat.

I never get sick of eating it and it helps keep my fire stoked on cold nights. I did receive another visitor that evening, a homeless guy named Tim, who arrived shortly before dark. It was really cold and I was shivering the next morning, even though I was all layered up in my down top quilt and Appalachian trail deer lick cabin.

He shivered as he had a smoke and ate something from a Pop Tart box. I planned to hit Duncannon the next morning. Tim took off before me, also headed to Duncannon, but I soon overtook him.