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Secret picture folder iphone

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When a photo or video is just too sensitive to leave laying around in your Photos app, you'll want to either delete it for good or hide it away in safe, secure location on your iPhone.

As for the latter, Apple actually has a few tools available to make photos and videos hidden — even password-protected — on your iPhone.

Keep Pictures+Videos Safe

Even if you don't like Apple's options the first three listed belowthere are other developers you can rely on to keep your sensitive media safe from prying eyes. If someone has access to your iPhone or Mac, it's possible they can find images and movies you'd rather them not see, especially if you sync with iCloud.

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To lock down your secret media, try these tips out. A little-known iPhone secret is that you can actually hide photos and videos in the Photos app. Secret picture folder iphone it would be nice if Apple could make this a passcode-protected folder one day, it still helps keeps eyes off your spicy media when showing off collections to your family and friends.

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If you definitely want a password on your content, check out the other options in this guide. To hide a photo or video, select it, then use the share icon to bring up the share sheet. Scroll through the bottom row of activities until you see "Hide.

To view your hidden media, just open the new "Hidden" folder in the Secret picture folder iphone tab. While the above option "hides" your photos and videos from everywhere in the main Photos app except the newly created "Hidden" album, you may want to go a step beyond so there are zero traces of the photos and videos you'd like to keep secret.

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