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Spiritual warfare If Christians knew how spiritually strong and binding marital sex is, they would prescribe themselves overdoses of it. According to Joyce Meyer, and this is a chapter she wrote with a lot of divine inspiration, sex is spiritual warfare.

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It is the component the devil attacks first, before touching any other part of your marriage. The devil knows that every time a married couple comes together in lovemaking, there is a renewed covenant, there is a reinforced seal and there is mighty defeat on his part.

It is the reason why, when a couple is dating, it seems almost impossible to not have sex before the wedding.

God is not interested in that type of sex, so the devil does not meddle. It just multiplied itself by zero! It did not multiply itself by zero.

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That is when he starts fighting. That is when every misunderstanding results into a sex ban on your part.

Joyce Meyer says that married couples should focus on getting in some hours every week to make love. It is the reason why sex is the best way to end most stand-offs. If done well, it breaks yokes in the spirit realm.

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I really recommend this book. I found mine at Aristoc.

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If you are one of those people who, like Joyce Meyer thought God, His angels and the Holy Spirit take off and hide the moment married people start undressing each other, go find the book. Joyce meyer nude fakes writes that she was in fact surprised when the Lord started instructing her to initiate sex with her husband Dave, in order to ward off imminent attacks on their marriage.

Whenever she disobeyed, the results were there to be seen in fights, misunderstandings and unfounded suspicions. In fact the devil uses this tactic killing the sex to deny many couples babies.

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They think they are infertile when actually on the day they would have conceived they are either too stressed to make love, too tired, or too angry with each other. Imagine the voice of God telling you during sex with your husband: Well, it happened to Meyer.

So stop thinking God is not interested in the sex in your marriage. Secondly, in a marriage, sex is the highest form of communication.

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While everyone agrees that sex alone does not make a marriage work, everyone again agrees that sex alone the lack of it can bring the whole marriage crushing down on the heads of its stakeholders. The communication network does not only break down when you two stop talking; it crushes badly when you stop turning each other on; when you stop making Joyce meyer nude fakes.

Take it as a duty to make time for sex.

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Plan for it, look for ways of making it new, reinvent yourself continuously to keep your spouse interested. Even when you are particularly furious with your spouse, there is no need to hoard the sex.

Forget about the procreation role of sex.

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