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Ebony anal tumblr

Porn Base Ebony anal tumblr.

I had a terrible nights sleep on my sisters couch. I was still in between places and looking for my next move. I dropped my daughter to school early and headed to my office to prepare for my sessions.

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I laid back on my couch researching the latest news, the lotto popped up on my feed. The night before I had went over to the gas station near my office and grabbed 3 tickets.

Two were quick picks and the final one was filled out with numbers that ran thru my head possibly subliminally pushed into my subconscious. I continued on with my day picking up an extra ticket just for shits and giggles. I fantasized about what I would do with the earnings Ebony anal tumblr, drew a steady blank lol. I would have no idea what to do with all that cash. I know for a fact I would spend a week doing nothing just to ground myself, invest in the best surgeons for my nephew that was shot 8 times due to gang violence and was no paralyzed and buy a huge compound on the water and move momma to the big city.

Something was different, I was ragingly horny Ebony anal tumblr I was at my peak ovulation. I booked client after client until around 7pm. I had a busy profitable Tuesday.

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I enjoyed myself having all the kinky fun I could have, I defiantly made new regulars that day, I sucked… I fucked… I made eyes roll. I was that bitch. I had a hot date Ebony anal tumblr Dom that evening, I had been lusting after him all day long we exchanged dirty texts and I even sent him a few photos… my pussy was on fire.

When he arrived he looked handsome as ever shortly after 9: I greeted him with a huge and a big wet, nasty kiss. We sat for Ebony anal tumblr drink. He was going to eat my alive. We started with a slow sensual massage. I took my time.

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I spent well over an hour seducing, rubbing, massaging, sucking and playing with him until he was ready. He fucked me with a passion soon deep and longing for more. I took every inch.

I came over and over and over. I was in way too deep. I screamed out for him but, he ignored my cries for help and continued to plow Ebony anal tumblr senseless. I begged for him not to bred me as I was at my peak of fertility. Over and over and over again…. Something about tonight was especially erotic. Maybe it was the moons energy. Maybe it was the way the earth was spinning. Tonight Ebony anal tumblr magic and I let him unlock every door. Around 12night night we woke up in each others arms with the bed soaked in my cum and his sweat.

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I Ebony anal tumblr to replay the video over and over and over and over and over and over… I must have still been drunk. I think you won! These are the numbers!!! Dom was talking to me but, it only came out as a high pitched noise…. Testing along with using protection consistently AND effectively. You like it lol?

I have had a new man in my life now for sometime, yes Dom is still around as well but, let me tell you about Brass. More so aimed at those with the highest rank. I met Brass through a friend about 6 months back, we went on a few dates fooled around but never actually had sex until last night.

Did I mention Ebony anal tumblr could cook? He asked if I ate today.

I called him and we made plans to hangout later that evening at my place. Brass was very intuitive and asked me why I sounded stressed so, when I told him about my problems he offered me a massage and some downtime to vent and unwind before my trip. When he arrived I forgot how handsome and warm Ebony anal tumblr was… you could tell he was a genuine guy. A bottle of my favorite red wine accompanied him without me having to ask. He embraced me with a big huge and smile.

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We made our way to my back room and we Ebony anal tumblr for awhile eventually I made my way to the shower. I heard slow jams come on over my speaker system, through the fog and steam of the shower i swiped my hand downward to clear a space and I saw him dancing around pouring himself a drink. Brass thought he was getting some action tonight lol.

I am really not that hard to please. I have the privilege of resting my eyes on this evening. Who talks like this? I play it off. I dry off and put on my robe. We sit down and talk a little more this time I let him get close. I enjoy two glasses of wine. I can feel my pussy starting Ebony anal tumblr ache. I looked at his eyes, his smile, I always loved his laugh, his cologne.

Brass was a big guy. I felt safe here, like nothing could get to me in this moment. I shift positions from sitting beside him to sitting in between his legs on my couch. I put my hair up in a clip and slide my robe off my shoulders. He began rubbing my shoulders and neck with his big strong hands but it was dry.

I led him into my bedroom it was dark with only Ebony anal tumblr red light on and two candles lit by the bed.

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Something out of a sex scene in a movie. The slow jams played and the bass was knocking the walls heavy.

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I could feel the sexual tension rising and Brass struggled to behave himself wondering if he could come on to strong and scare Ebony anal tumblr away.

I laid down on my bed face-down naked and he cautiously kneeled beside me still with his shirt and boxers on, I giggled inside he was scared shitless.

Brass stood up and quickly got everything off. He took his position back kneeling at my side trying to not let his body touch mine.

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I could feel him smiling ear to ear as I hung on that last word and purred when I called him daddy. By now we are skin to skin and he has used half the bottle of oil on me going crazy, rubbing me well with lots of deep pressure on my sore spots.

He lets out a groan. Ebony anal tumblr

He touches every area but my pussy. I rise up and ask. He gets the hint. The next time he strokes my back he lets his hands graze my pussy. I lift up my ass and it slips and slides his cock around until i get it positioned in between my thighs and the outside of my pussy. This is exactly what I was looking for and I happen to find it in a guy I had close to me all along I had just never given him a Ebony anal tumblr to show me.

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His cock was warm, thick and really throbbing. He was a hard working man with little time to himself. He was so grateful in this moment that I allowed him to get this close, he appreciated it whole heartedly.

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