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Port stepehns

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The harbour lies wholly within the local government area of Port Stephens ; although its northern shoreline forms the boundary between the Port Stephens and Mid-Coast local government areas. The lower port has a predominantly marine ecology and the upper port an estuarine ecology.

Port stepehns

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A narrow entrance between two striking hills of volcanic origin marks the opening of Port Stephens to the sea. The harbour is mostly shallow and sandy but contains sufficient deep water to accommodate large vessels.

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The narrowest point is between Soldiers Point and Pindimar where the distance Port stepehns only 1. Between Nelson Bay and Tea Gardensin the most well known section of the port, it is 3.

The Karuah River drains into Port Stephens at its north-western corner. The Myall River through the Myall Lakes drains into the port on its northern shore, about 5.

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Twelve Mile Creek drains into the port's south-western corner. The southern shore of the port is divided into two distinct areas known as the Tomaree and Tilligerry peninsulas. Port stepehns are separated by Tilligerry Creek, a watercourse covering approximately 7. The town of Karuahlocated at the north-western corner of the port near the mouth of Port stepehns Karuah River, experiences similar geographical separation from the Tilligerry Peninsula.

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Despite being only 7. The western shore and the western part of the northern shore of the port are largely undeveloped with the flora ranging from scrubland in the west to the large tracts of bushland which are present along most of the northern shore. Closer to the mouth of the port, at and near Winda Woppasandy beaches are Port stepehns.

These extend from Jimmys Beach, near the mouth of the port, to the mouth of the Myall River, a distance of approximately 5. The first ship to enter the port was the Salamandera ship of the Third Fleet that later gave the suburb of Salamander Bay its name, in The 63 tonnes 62 long tons cutter Lambtoncommanded by Captain James Corlette, began shipping timber Port stepehns wool out of the port in Port Stephens has rather poor soil for the most part, and has limited agricultural potential.

For this reason, no large towns developed there historically and it was never Port stepehns as a significant port.

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Despite this, in there was a push Port stepehns Port Stephens to be the capital city of a new state in a proposal originating from the country newspaper The Daily Observer. The proposal was the Observer' s editor Victor Charles Thompson's idea in response to continuing rural Australian antipathy at the Sydney-centralised funding and governance that many rural newspapers claimed had neglected to aid rural Australian towns.

A number of small towns developed around the port as fishing, holiday and retirement communities. Since the s, with improved road access from Sydney, and the increasing popularity of coastal retirement lifestyles, there has been major expansion of these Port stepehns.

On the western shore is the suburb of Swan Baya small community of around persons. The main industry in the area is oyster farming, however a small tourist resort is located near the mouth of Twelve Port stepehns Creek.