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Best fortune teller in hong kong

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Have you ever experience traditional Chinese fortune telling? A bird can reveal the secret by picking up Divination text paper of you, a fortuner teller help you to know the past and the future by looking at your face and palm.

The history of these kind of divination has more than years before Jesus was born! Some of the fortune teller have been invited to different countries to help the boss including lousy Donald Trump in LA!

No matter how accurate it is, it is fun! Not as big as the Ladies Market but certainly worth a visit for tourists.

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Not a bad idea to visit at least once to get a feel of local street market. Not as big as the Ladies Market but definitely worth a visit we walked there from our Hotel Panorama about 30 mins take plenty of cash and bargain bought most stuff at half the price they asked for at the start. Two of the most popular, the daytime Stanley Market on the South Coast and Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon, have gone down in size, selection and fun, and the merchants now seem to be either apathetic or downright testy if you bargain too much.

The seven best places to...

Take the MTR or the more relaxing ferry to any of a number of bustling shopping areas ready to test your patience and haggling skills. If you like cheap I love Hong Kong t-shirts and brightly coloured, gaudy trinkets, this market might be for you.

Be prepared for stall after stall selling the same items while disinterested stall holders try and convince you to buy their wares.

Plenty of "ladies of the night" add some interest to the scenery. Not worth the visit.

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A typical tourist night market, good to buy your souvenirs, but be ready to do the usual haggling over the price, plenty of places to eat, allow yourself 2 hours to amber through the market. Its a tourist market with the usual tee-shirts and tourist trinkets.

Lots of food places in the nearby streets.

Temple Street Night Market’s fortune...

Worth a visit in the evening. I agree with most of the reviews here. This market is for tourists and it is overpriced trinkets. But if you bargain and want a cheap gift you can find it.

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There were many prostitutes at this market so be aware of that. I did find an money exchange there that had about the best rate for US dollars, so check it out on the far south east corner. Prices are very high. But you find many good souvenir stores.

So many escorts after dusk along this road. Many street food shops are available too but i find those are bit expensive to Mc and other restaurants. A hundred stalls sell almost the exact same junk.

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The surrounding streets are filled with street food and local eats. The one shop that sells spicy crabs seemed good, but too crowded unless you want to sit with strangers. Mostly a tourist drawn market with many knock off goods that need to haggle for ,sellers didn't like that I wanted to haggle but it's cheap goods.