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Comedy adult swim tv shows

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Adult Swim always gets pegged as stoner humor, which might be true, but also does a great disservice to the network.

The 20 Best Adult Swim...

Since launching in it has doggedly broadcast some of the most surreal programs in TV history into almost every home with a cable box. And another quick note before you start: The world is full of possibilities.

Instead of self-important spies Frisky Dingo sends up superhero comics, focusing on the troubled family life of the super villain Killface and his arch-rival Awesome X.

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This might be the most implausible show to ever exist on a national network. Networks make money by selling ads that run during shows that people actually want to watch.

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It worked best as a twelve-minute short during its first two seasons, but the half-hour final season earns points for its sheer ambition. Not every idea or joke landed but the scope and daring of Eagleheart was impressive.

It regularly ripped apart the cartoonish masculinity pushed forward by action procedurals and beer commercials, but at heart this was simply an extremely silly show that just happened to be gruesomely violent.

Like The Simpsons its reputation has perhaps taken a dent due to its longevity and Comedy adult swim tv shows the simple fact that almost no show could keep up the high quality of the earliest seasons.

Aqua Teen was almost unthinkable in —many TV shows before it embraced absurdity or postmodernism, but they still did so within the recognizable framework of a TV show. Hopefully at some point in the 21st century Boston will dig up a time capsule with an Ignignokt LED sign in it.

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It built on the ironic appropriation of old art that started with Space Ghost: Coast to Coastbut instead of twisting it into a different style of show it structured itself as a continuation of the original Saturday morning cartoon frombut with every character now thoroughly insane. It fell off in quality after two tremendous seasons, limping to a close in Its first season hilariously skewered some of the most familiar cliches in science fiction while still finding time to develop each character beyond a sitcom stock type.

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