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The reddit self-improvement and seduction community! Want to start a local lair? Seddit Simple Questions Thread. Best way to get casual sex through online dating such as POF? Came back from University recently and work a steady to to options generally come few and far between and I'm really not a fan of soloing bars to Plenty of fish casual sex approach. I can approach to some extent but generally I don't like doing it.

My question is what's the best way to engage the possibilty of sexual encounters through POF? Problem is most explain explicitly that they are not on it for the sex but is it best to set up dates with more than sex intention and then leave it after that or is it better to just be upfront about intentions?

I'm told I'm attractive by girls, have good pics with a suit, doing things, etc. And I get maybe 1 match a day, with 9 out of 10 matches being bots. To be fair though I was getting the good results in a different city, I now live in a military town so I'm Plenty of fish casual sex that is having an effect on my output as well. So you just compared results from two different cities? If you're still in a big city, Tinder has hundreds of matches available.

It lacks so many options that could make it better.

Hi. I'm John. I'm wealthy....

Such as being able to favorite matches, sort by age, using pictures outside of FB etc. This girl who i was hanging out with friends was doing exactly that. She would make dates with no Plenty of fish casual sex of going. I called her out on it for being a bitch to those poor dudes. Tinder is awful for it. Almost all of the girls on there have absolutely no intention meeting with somebody from there.

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From the hundreds of matches I've had probably 3 meets? As someone moving into a big city for school, from a small beach-town tourist trap, I hope my luck is better than yours. Sometimes those girls who specifically say they don't want sex are the easiest to bang.

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Never talk about sex fist before meeting. Get her to meet somewhere near you place. Use body language when meeting her. After 30m-1hr into the date commence kino. If the response is good go in for a kiss to lay groundwork. Convince her to come back with you specifically stating that you will be good. Once in your place go in for it rather swiftly.