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Does red wine cause hot flashes

XXX pics Does red wine cause hot flashes.
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Everyday Health Women's Health Menopause. Here are 11 common hot-flash triggers you might want to stop doing right away It could be what you eat or drink, how you style your hair, or even a strong emotion, she says.

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Do you know what really burns you up? And how to keep from overheating both inside and out? Hot Flash Trigger 1: All alcoholic beverages cause some vasodilation, or expansion of blood vessels, which makes you feel warmer, Dr. Skip the wine and toast your friends with a fruity, iced beverage instead. Hot Flash Trigger 2: Like alcohol, many spices and ingredients that give food their heat are vasodilators that expand your blood vessels, Dr.

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They all contain the heat-producing compound capsaicin. Avoid hot pepper-infused dishes, and focus on another kind of heat for date night. Hot Flash Trigger 3: Caffeine Et tu, Brute?

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Unlike alcohol and spicy foods, caffeine narrows blood vessels instead of widening them. But in some women, it can have the same effect, triggering a hot flash.

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It may cause skin to flush, Dr. Make cool herbal teas and cold decaffeinated coffee your new loyal friends.

Hot Flash Trigger 4: Now it makes you want to tear off your clothes during that conference call. Hot drinks warm your body, setting off a hot flash. As women age, that narrows, she explains. Go for cooler beverages when hot flashes are active. If hot beverages are part of an afternoon or morning ritual, create new rituals with cooler drinks — cutting up a cucumber or selecting mint leaves for flavored water, for example.

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Hot Flash Trigger 5: Soaking in hot water — in a bathtub, hot tub or warm pool — warms you inside and out, Dr. Hot Flash Trigger 6: Hot Weather You once sat through baseball games with no problem.

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When the weather heats up, so does your skin. And overheated skin can cause hot flashes in some menopausal women. Avoid getting overheated by dressing in layers that you can remove as the day warms up. Hot Flash Trigger 7: When you smoke a cigarette, your heart rate increases.

Smokers experience more hot flashes, so kick the habit for good.

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