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Melancholic disposition

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Sunday, March 30, Melancholic Temperament: The melancholic person is but feebly excited by whatever Melancholic disposition upon him. Melancholic disposition reaction is weak, but this feeble impression remains for a long time and by subsequent similar impressions grows stronger and at last excites the mind so passionately Melancholic disposition it is difficult to get rid of it.

Melancholic temperament is by far the richest, most creative, innovative and sensitive of the personality types. Here some main traits you may use for indication and guidance. The thinking of the melancholic easily turns into reflection. The thoughts of the melancholic are far reaching.

He dwells with pleasure upon the past and is preoccupied by occurrences of the long ago; he is penetrating; is not satisfied with the superficial, searches for the cause and correlation of things; seeks the Melancholic disposition which affect human life, the principles according to which man should act. His thoughts are of a wide range; he looks ahead into the future; ascends to the eternal.

The melancholic is of an extremely soft-hearted disposition. His very thoughts arouse his own sympathy and are accompanied by a mysterious longing.

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