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Wamu managers were assholes

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From the boardroom to the basketball court, some managers rely on berating and bullying employees. Researchers have learned one thing: More than a decade has passed, but Mary Mawritz can still hear metal-tipped tassels flapping against leather loafers — the signature sound of her boss roaming the halls of his real estate company.

Her boss had another characteristic sound: Yelling, and a lot of it. Mawritz would go home at night with a splitting headache and a lot of questions: Why did he act like that?

Why did he think Wamu managers were assholes was OK to treat people that way?

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Lots of workers have asked themselves similar questions, but Mawritz has made a career of it. Where does your boss stand?

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Rate him or her from 1 Wamu managers were assholes remember to 5 very often on each item. If you end up with three or more scores of 4 or 5, your boss may have crossed the line. Through interviews, surveys and on-the-job observations, scholars are building their case against toxic bosses and putting the worst offenders on notice.

Beleaguered employees who either act out or hide beneath their desks under the lash of an abusive boss risk making a bad situation even worse. Employees can respond to abuse with anger that fuels counterproductive attitudes rudeness and disrespect, for instance.

Wamu managers were assholes can also trigger fear, which can lead to avoidance behaviors such as skipping meetings.

These responses can unhinge the boss even more, and the cycle continues. For nearly two decades, Wamu managers were assholes and others have used that checklist to gauge the experiences of employees in a wide variety of jobs, including sales, tech, education and health care. If an employee agrees strongly or very strongly with three or more items on the list, a boss is considered abusive.

The good news is that truly toxic bosses are far outnumbered by the common run-of-the-mill bunglers and bumblers that just about everyone has encountered at some point in their work life. Only about 10 percent of bosses cross the line from merely overbearing to abusive, Tepper says, and that number has stayed remarkably steady Wamu managers were assholes workplace to workplace and from year to year.

In a study, bosses were more likely to lose their cool when high-performing employees dark line acted out than when low performers light line acted out. The record books show that Bobby Knight — the frequently angry, foulmouthed, chair-throwing former basketball coach of the Indiana Hoosiers — did win three national championships.

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But could he have achieved such success or even more without the Wamu managers were assholes Tepper points to mounting research suggesting that abusive bossing brings out the worst in employees. For example, a study in chain restaurants Wamu managers were assholes the US found that restaurants with abusive managers lose more food from waste and theft. More alarmingly, a Journal of Applied Psychology study of more than 2, US soldiers who were on active duty in Iraq found that service members with emotionally abusive officers were more likely to admit hitting and kicking innocent civilians and were less likely to report misdeeds by others.

The vision of a rough, tough, effective boss is deeply entrenched in the American workforce, says Robert Sutton, a business researcher at Stanford University and author of The Asshole Survival Guide: Despite the persistent mythology, there are no winners when bosses turn abusive, Mawritz says.

The bosses themselves gain nothing of value, and their behavior leaves a lasting mark on employees.

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People who are the highest performers have the most options. You can lose your best people that way. The consequences spread far beyond the heat of the moment.

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