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Anal couple real

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Anal sex is is really unhealthy.

On moral issues, Catholicism follows a principle known as Natural Law. There is an unnatural and disproportional disparity of power between a couple during anal sex. Throughout history it has been more about power than love.

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Anal sex has always been about one person asserting dominance over another. The extreme power disparity that happens during anal sex is very distinct from the natural and moderate interplay of power between a married couple during real intercourse. People who agree to be passive partners in Anal couple real sex generally have low self esteem, which is further fueled by subsequent occasions of it.

This becomes a downward spiral in the emotional life of passive partner. It is true whether or not anal sex is limited to foreplay.

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It often fosters deep seated, sometimes silent, resentment by the passive partner, which can undermine the health of the relationship. He also said that the man should try to time his climax to coincide with the woman. Nowhere in Anal couple real Bible does it say anal sex is OK, on the other hand Romans 1: Even if a couple could rationalize Romans 1: If there is a premature climax, then the couple would be engaging in sin that is listed among the worst of the Bible.

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Using this rational for anal sex is like trying to justify playing ball hockey on the freeway. Anal sex is too much like natural intercourse to be foreplay.

It is a spiritual axiom that evil always uses counterfeit perversions of holy and natural things to degrade the sanctity of those things, and there is no greater counterfeit of real intercourse than anal intercourse even as foreplay. There is no Magisterial document discussing anal penetration foreplay between married couples, nor does there need to be.

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We can just imagine CNN covering that story! We are in the New Covenant.


Prayer and mutual respect will draw the married couple to the truth on this issue. Christopher West discourages this kind of foreplay, and rightly so.

Is anal sex ok between a married Christian couple as foreplay? Does the Vatican say it's wrong?

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