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Nake guys mirror pics blog

Naked Pictures Nake guys mirror pics blog.

After being online for two decades, the viral nature of amateur photos amazes me.

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I Nake guys mirror pics blog run across photos I first saw years ago, that have been passed around online all this time, that were out there before I ever saw them. And that is the nature of this site, to display viral photos that are forever in the hands of the public. These men freely allowed themselves to be photographed, consciously took that gamble, but most probably did not anticipate their exposure making its way into viral distribution. There are literally millions of photos floating around the internet that are forever beyond the control of their subjects.

Now their nakedness is part of the canon of online porn. These photos never die. You are encouraged to download and Nake guys mirror pics blog these photos, contributing further to their exposure. If I were to ever receive a request from a photo subject to remove their photos, even if I deleted those photos, they would still be out there in the viral la la land of cyberspace. They were already out there before I ever saw them. Every photo on this website was found publicly available and free of charge, making its viral rounds of cyberspace.

This project began on Blogspot. Early in that site announced that they would be restricting access to sexually explicit images, so I created this blog with the intention of migrating rescuing all the previous posts over from Blogspot. Well son of a gun, Blugspot changed their collective minds - which is to say they buckled under the outcry their Puritan decision triggered, sanitizing their about-face in terms of freedom of expression.

Considering the old site contained about a thousand photos, re-posting them here promised to be a daunting job, and since the old site has not been shut down, I decided to just leave them where they are. If you want to see the older stuff, click here:.

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This annual event, held in major cities around the globe is ostensibly a worldwide show of solidarity in support of clean energy. Dress it up any way you want.

Call it a political rally. Spare us the politically correct bullshit. This fine fellow has spent many an hour in the gym, building up muscle under the delusion it will compensate for his undersized manhood. What if we use a little photo editing hocus pocus to make him even smaller, to humiliate Nake guys mirror pics blog even more. Sorry to burst your pumped up muscle bubble, but size does matter, boy.

Feel free to download the final cut, shown below. So soon we return to the topic of alcohol. But so Nake guys mirror pics blog naked viral photos are born of a few drinks too many.

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Get loaded, get naked, get photographed. In the minds of some, this is the sole reason the smartphone was invented. They sell selfie sticks. Phones come with cameras on both the front and back. It is an industry. You gotta love these guys and wonder what was going through their minds at the time the camera clicked and immortalized their nakedness for all time. Nake guys mirror pics blog for instance Mr. Perhaps this was a professional shoot with a paid model. So he earned a few bucks. But this is what people will remember about him forever.

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Not that he was a good person. Not that he had a career outside the porn industry. Not that he cured cancer and established world peace. He will always be known as the naked dude tied to a basketball goal with his dick semi-hard.

These men freely allowed themselves...

I assume this one was taken in a dorm or somewhere similar. These shots always have in common the cluttered environment of the newly-independent male, young and stupid. This shot was probably never intended to leave the house. Maybe a small party, most likely just a small gathering of a few friends.

Hanging out naked, sharing a few drinks. If any photo began its viral life impromptu, it was this one. Look up, your buddy has his smartphone cam pointed at you. Photo snapped before you really have time to think about it.

There is a certain macho type that, for whatever reason, strike me as not really needing to justify letting the photo be taken. But in any case, there is no changing their minds after the fact. Of Nake guys mirror pics blog there is Xtube. Do they realize removing their content from Xtube does not necessarily remove it from circulation?

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I have screen captures and full video downloads on my hard drive of guys who have since pulled their content. Even if I never post any of their stuff, I am not the only one who has downloaded videos and images before they were removed.

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Another type of video frequently seen on Xtube involves what was presumably a one-on-one video chat. The subject was not making a self video to distribute and never intended it to be seen again, but the party on the other end recorded it. These private chat captures could be considered a genera unto themselves. Here is a set of screen captures from an Xtube video. I did note when I named the still frames that he is straight. Nice body, nice face, bone hard.

His grandchildren will be able to see what he did. I guess my favorite viral photo is the selfie.

One smartphone, one mirror, and you are immortal - whether you intended to be or not. I am always intrigued by the various possible motivations behind each of these, but all have in common an element of narcissism.

This final selfie deserves a word of commentary. None have their cocks exposed, but neither do they exactly leave it all to your imagination. But someone proposed they all pose for a selfie and all three agreed.

Then someone decided to forward the photo to someone else who decided to forward the photo to someone else who decided to forward it, and the whole viral exponential thing kicked in. Even if they were not all three equally gung ho about the forwarding thing, the deed has been done, and these guys are forever standing in their underwear with their bulges outlined.

You can only cry wolf so many times. If Nake guys mirror pics blog want it, do it.

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But I paid them a visit today. And these shots are just a fraction of what was out there. This was definitely not the first appearance for any of these photos, but they were reposted today. And there are hundreds of other photo hounds out there posting like the four I follow.

These photos and thousands like them will never, ever go away. If you have spent any time browsing this site in the past, you understand its focus on the viral nature Nake guys mirror pics blog photos.

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Get naked in front of the camera and you belong to the entire world. Once posted, such photos never die.

The sheer volume of material that is out there is staggering. There are four men that I follow sporadically on Twitter, who almost daily post naked photos of men. Maybe 30 photos at a time.

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Most of them were presumably already out there, originally posted elsewhere and someone chose to repost them again. And so it goes. As always, you are encouraged to download any of these photos, masturbate to them, post them elsewhere. Keep these guys forever naked.

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There is a certain narcissism among bodybuilders. A weight room is a temple of self.

Solid walls of mirrors. You gotta love it. So for some of these men observing themselves, and feeding on being observed, the next logical progression is to expose their mancocks and totally show off their masculinity. The brain and body are pumped with testosterone. These are expressions of self lust, showing your stuff for the camera. But do they really grasp what can happen to those photos? I follow a man on Twitter who posts photos of bodybuilders.

I always wonder about these things. Was the photo session his idea? Nake guys mirror pics blog New Year did not fail to produce another supply of selfies. Not that any of these were taken over the new year. Perfect examples of gay twinks bodies in mirror selfies. Hot amateur gay boys having some fun sex.