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How to delete pictures off facebook

Porn Base How to delete pictures off facebook.
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This wikiHow teaches you how to remove photos which you've uploaded to Facebook, as well as how to untag yourself from photos other people have uploaded.

You can do this both in the Facebook mobile app and on the Facebook website.

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Tap a photo you want to remove. When you see the green checkmark on a wikiHow article, you know that the article has received careful review. In this case, we tested the instructions on our own devices and confirmed that the instructions worked. The Facebook app resembles a white "f" on a blue background. Doing so will open your News Feed if you're already logged into Facebook. If you aren't already logged into Facebook, enter your email address or phone number and password to continue.

It's either in the bottom-right corner of the screen iPhone or the top-right corner of the screen Android. This option will appear at the top of the menu. Doing so takes you to your profile. Scroll down and tap Photos. It's a tab located below your profile's information section. Tap the Uploads tab. You'll see this tab at the top of the screen.

Select a photo to delete. Scroll to the photo you want to remove, then tap it to open it. It's in the top-right corner of the screen. A menu will appear. This option is at the top of the menu. Tap Delete when prompted. Doing so will remove the photo from your Facebook account. If there was a post associated with the photo, the post will also be removed. This will open your Facebook News Feed if you're logged in. If you aren't logged in, enter your email address or phone How to delete pictures off facebook and password in the top-right side of the page.

This tab is in the upper-right corner of the Facebook page. Doing so opens your profile page. It's a tab just below your cover photo.

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This tab is below the "Photos" heading near the top of the list of photos. Doing so opens a list of your personally uploaded photos. Scroll down to the photo you want to remove and place your mouse cursor over it; you should see a pencil-shaped button appear in the top-right corner of the photo's thumbnail. Click Delete This Photo. It's the last option in the drop-down menu. Click Delete when prompted. Tap Photos of You.

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