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On April 2,The CW renewed the series for a fourth and final seasonwhich will contain 18 episodes. She panics when offered a partnership with the firm, and bumps into her first love from summer camp, Josh Chan, on the street. Josh tells her he could not make it in New York City Ex gf mya gets revenge is moving back to his hometown of West Covina, California "Just two hours from the beach, four hours in traffic".

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While watching a butter spread commercial, Rebecca decides to follow Josh in search of happiness. She hops on a plane to Los Angelesdrives to West Covina, gets a job at Darryl Whitefeather's West Covina law firm, rents an apartment, and flushes all her depression and anxiety meds down the sink. She becomes friends with the firm's paralegal, Paula, and her neighbor, Heather, and begins an on-again-off-again relationship with Josh's friend Greg, all while trying to reconnect with Josh.

The series was originally developed for Showtimeand a pilot was produced, but Showtime opted not to proceed with it on February 9, This included omitting that Rebecca had obtained an abortion before the show.

On January 8,The CW renewed the series Ex gf mya gets revenge a third season, which premiered on October 13, On May 23,it was announced that Gabrielle Ruizwho portrays Valencia, was promoted to series regular for season two.

On April 5,it was announced that David Hull and Scott Michael Fosterwho portray White Josh and Nathaniel respectively, were promoted to series Ex gf mya gets revenge for season three.

Each episode contains two to four original songs. These are usually sung by Rebecca or a character with whom she is having a direct interaction, parodying the musical theater conceit of characters bursting into song at significant moments in the plot. In later episodes, several other characters sing while Rebecca is not present.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an American...

A few of the songs on the show are shot twice, one clean version and an explicit version. The explicit versions are posted on Bloom's YouTube channel. Original Television Soundtrack Season 1 — Volume 1 " was released on February 19, in both explicit and clean versions.

Original Television Soundtrack Season 1 — Vol. For season two, the songs were released as singles the day of their original airing.

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The full season two soundtrack came out on March 3, It featured every major song from season 2, as well as two deleted songs: All songs in season 3 were released as singles following their airing, with the exception of "The End of the Movie" by Josh Groban, which was featured in the episode, "Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Is Crazy". Arguably the most important recurring theme of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the show's portrayal of mental illness and treatment.

In addition to the psychological evaluation and development of Rebecca, other major characters are similarly depicted as suffering from psychological traumas that influence their personalities and relationships.

This has also inspired the show's fandom to engage in discussions of mental illness, specifically regarding social stigmas and treatment of said illnesses.

Another defining feature of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is its frank portrayal of female sexuality and the reproductive systemboth of which serve as sources of the show's cringe humor. In Crazy Ex-Girlfriendboth topics are largely normalized in conversation.

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In particular, female characters are portrayed as being sexually liberated and unashamed of their sexuality. In the episode "To Josh, with Love", characters have frank and honest discussions regarding female sexuality and clitoral stimulation. The reproductive system is given the same treatment in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an American...

Menstruation and diseases associated with female anatomy are often discussed without judgment, evidenced best by when Paula had an abortion in the second season and her friends and family focused on the emotional impact of her decision, rather than questioning or shaming it.

Parenting is a major theme depicted in the show, as many the personalities of several major characters are shaped by their parents' inattentive or cold, distant demeanors.

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In particular, Rebecca, Paula, Nathaniel, Darryl, and Greg are all affected by parents who exhibit these behaviors. Rebecca's overly critical and overbearing mother [80] [81] and negligent father Ex gf mya gets revenge [83] has greatly impacted her sense of self and self esteem.

In contrast, both Paula's [84] and Nathaniel's [85] fathers were revealed to have been emotionally abusiveresulting in both Nathaniel's inferiority complex and Paula's lack of self confidence.

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Greg's absentee mother [86] [87] after his parents' divorce resulted in him resenting her and helped Greg develop his cynical personality. On the opposite end of this spectrum is the way Heather's parents raised her. Heather's parents were very attentiveloving and supportive to the point they coddled her and never encouraged her to make anything of herself. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has received critical acclaim, with critics praising the show's writing, musical numbers and Bloom's performance.

At Metacriticwhich assigns Ex gf mya gets revenge rating out of to reviews from mainstream critics, the first season received an average score of 78 Ex gf mya gets revenge on 23 reviews, which indicates "generally favorable reviews". The second season continued to receive acclaim, with Bloom, Fontana and Champlin earning particular praise.

The site's critical consensus reads, " Crazy Ex-Girlfriend remains delightfully weird, engaging, and even more courageous and confident in its sophomore outing. The acclaim continued with season 3; this season in particular was widely praised for its portrayal of mental illness. The performances of Bloom, Champlin [95] and Foster were particularly praised. The chemistry between Gardner and Hull's characters was widely praised as well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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