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How to get back a libra man

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It doesn't matter who's doing the breakup - if you're being broken up with or if you're breaking the bad news, it's hard on everyone. The longer you're with someone, the more intense the relationship is, the harder breakups tend to be. And that makes sense, because your lives become so intertwined.

You have the same friends, you've met each other's parents Or something like that.

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At any rate, breakups just. You know what sucks worse than a breakup? When you breakup and you want your ex back. It doesn't matter when end you're on - whether you're doing the breaking up or you've been broken up with, if you want your ex back, it's absolute torture. Sometimes you get lucky and you and your ex come back together under great circumstances and everything seems to fall into place.

Maybe you can look past the problems that drove you apart and you can work through whatever it was that upset you both. Sometimes that happens, and plenty of couples can attest to this fact.

Maybe it's just meant to be, right? But how does that even happen, right? Like how do people even get back with their exes? Is there a secret or something? We don't How to get back a libra man there's a secret per se, but we have some advice based on his zodiac sign.

Because, you know, different signs react to things differently. No two signs are the same, and no two approaches to getting back your ex should be either! And if Kate Middleton can do it, so can you, right?

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So read on, take notes, and good luck! Your Aquarius man wants to be free to do as he pleases. It may have been one of the reasons you broke up in the first place, honestly, but that's neither here nor there. But it's that freedom that he craves, and now that you're no longer with him, it's that freedom that he has. Since that's kind of his thing, it's gonna be a hard thing to convince him to give up and go right back to how things were.

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So how to get him back? Well, for one, it doesn't matter what your man's Zodiac sign is, nothing should go back to being exactly the same, because that would just But if you want something you can actively work on to get him back, reassure him that he'll have more "him" time and that this relationship can breathe a little.

Bonus points if you don't text him back within a week or so of breaking up, because the more time he has to think, the more time he has to miss you and realize his mistake. Is your ex a Pisces?

You're in luck because chances are good that he already misses you.

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The Pisces guy is a deep and contemplative soul, and he needs a lot of time to process his emotions. Can we also just say real quick that having emotions doesn't mean weak? It's okay for a guy to have emotions, and this one happens to have them in spades.

Since a lot of Pisces guys tend to be creative, he'll probably be working his feelings out through writing, music, or art.

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So give him some time to process things but not too much time and then approach him to let him know that you want to understand him and work hard at validating his thoughts and feelings. One thing a Pisces guy hates is feeling misunderstood, so by telling him you want to know him better and that you'll actively work on it, he should come around and maybe with something artistic dedicated to you to How to get back a libra man for the time spent apart!

Everyone that's ever been with an Aries guy knows that he works hard, wants only the best for himself and his loved ones, and is very, VERY passionate. Many will agree that these traits can be construed as fiery, stubborn, and impatient. But for those that want their Aries man back, they're willing to work with this strong personality and see things through to the end.

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