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Mg midget front bumper

xXx Images Mg midget front bumper.

I worked on the front bumper after I had finished the rear bumper. The first thing to do when removing the front bumper is to disconnect the wires that go to the running lights mounted in the front bumper.

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The wires go into the main engine compartment and connect to the wiring harness. Simply pull the bullet connectors apart at the harness and thread the wires through the fender so they are loose.

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Next locate the 4 nuts holding the front bumper to the frame. Remove the nuts and pull the bumper off the car. It weighs 50 lbs.

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So be careful when removing it. The front bumper mounting features are different than the rear in that there is a separate plate that bolts to the main steel beam. This can be removed and attached to wooden mounting features that cut the weight further.

There is a tube that runs up from the main beam and supports the upper thin section of rubber.

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This needs to be removed by drilling out 2 rivets for each side. When you remove it try not to bend it unless it is already bent out of shape. This will be used when the bumper is reassembled.

The next step is to drill out all of the rivets that hold the rubber part to the steel beam.

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For pictures of what these look like see the article on the rear bumper. The cosmetic flap on the front bumper is even harder to get out of the way when drilling out the rivets. All I can tell you is I was able to do it, so you can too.

Again the restraining plate on the top is difficult to get out, Mg midget front bumper it can be done.