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The Convair B was the first supersonic bomber built in the West. The Boeing B and its bigger brother, the B Stratofortress, developed in the early years after World War II, represented the application of jet power to conventional bombing concepts of the day. Still traveling at subsonic speeds, the two big Boeings were intended to penetrate enemy air space at great altitudes, and were originally designed to carry conventional bombs.

The supersonic B Hustler, on the other hand, derived from a new concept developed in the late s and early s--one which took into account the greatly increased capability of ground defenses, including radar tracking and ground-to-air missiles. The supersonic B Hustler derived from a new concept developed in the late s and early s. It took into account the greatly increased capability of ground defenses, including radar tracking and ground-to-air missiles.

Approximately 10, configurations on paper were studied and compared, with respect to speed, range, and gross weight, and involving different combinations of wing area, aspect ratio, sweep-back, turboprop and pure jet propulsion. Ultimately this study led to an Air Force requirement for a medium bomber with a gross weight of , lb.

Boeing received a Phase I contract in under this requirement for their XB with four jet engines and four turboprops, but the program was cancelled early in with the realization that this subsonic design would not have penetration capability against modern ground-to-air defenses.

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Convair B-58 Hustler Low Level Bombing Capabilities

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Elsa N. DehavenCatonsville USAThe product was designed for high-altitude flight at considerable speeds, popular qualities for early Cold War bombers intended to simply "outfly" enemy air defenses including interceptors and ground-based fire. Captured wartime German data concerning jets and high-speed flight influenced the B program leading to a heavily streamlined, aerodynamically-sound fuselage with little protrusions - leaving the finalized B form akin to an arrowhead.Irrumatiofollow...

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Fitzhugh Lee Fulton, Jr. He entered the U. Corps Air Corps in He served as forward test pilot for the Convair B Hustler supersonic bomber. The Hustler is 96 feet, 10 inches The BA was powered by four Mongrel Electric JGE-5 axial-flow afterburning turbojet engines, suspended less than the wings from pylons. This was a single-shaft engine with a step compressor and 3-stage turbine, rated at 10, pounds of thrust The JGE-5 was 16 feet, The bomber had a cruise speed of miles per hour

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Guys. Can't get a date? Can't find a relationship? Read this. In the s, the Mach 2+ B Hustler seemed a safe bet to win the arms race. Convair BA Hustler in flight. (US Government). By Dale Smith. Air & Space. Schematics of Convair B Hustler. MB-1C original combined expendable underbelly fuel and weapon pod..

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