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I'm not usually one to write about myself so I will start by sharing what people have told me and hope that they weren't just being overly nice ; I have been told I am surprisingly intelligent and very articulate. People constantly say they are taken aback by how easy I am to talk to. People tell me they Ashley steel hustler like they've known me their entire life, although we have just met.

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As sad as stereotypes may be, I still often hear that I am "too hot to be this smart". Let me confirm for you now, you CAN have both. I even put myself through college at UCLA, studying psychology. I am, in all aspects, a very spiritual gal.

I meditate and chant daily, and most of my private time is spent in reflection. I believe in growth on all levels of being! It's funny that I am often mistaken for a party girl, which I am very much the opposite of.

As for my early life, I didn't grow up rich or spoiled, in fact I remember more than one welfare Christmas Ashley steel hustler a child. I've learned to appreciate everything I have, and have worked hard to get it. I don't have much, but I do have two little doggies that I love very much and would give the world for.

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Good conversation and good company are essential in life. I would always prefer a night with good friends around a firepit than a loud room full of strangers.

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I believe that Happiness is more about your perception than what happens to you and that you can choose it at anytime. The mind is truly a powerful tool and should never be wasted on drama.

I believe in and talk to Angels as I call themand even tho it makes me sound a little crazy, I have totally given in to worrying about that. Ashley steel hustler just have to be myself!

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I've had some health opportunities the last few years that have allowed me to take life less serious, to say the least. I should come clean about one important detail tho, I am a bit of a secret nerd geek. I love Sci-Fi, I have build more than one computer, designed more than one website, and have way too many intricate scientific theories that I will one day prove.

Ashley steel hustler

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Mark my words, I will have a teleport! I am a nerd and I am proud!

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Let me tell you this tho, despite the good girl feel I have, I do love to have fun. I am very passionate about life, and love, and romance.

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